Just Starting

Hello everyone!
I’ve never knitted before and I’m really interested in starting up. However, I’m completely clueless about where to start, I don’t know what needles to buy or what yarn is appropriate for which needles.

I was hoping to just find some easy scarf pattern and hop into it and see how it goes, but it seems knitting is far more complicated than I had anticipated.

I guess my question then is: how do I get started? What should I buy and what is the best project to start on?

Sorry if I’ve written this in the wrong section, it seemed the most appropriate =) Thanks advance for any help!


First of all, WELCOME!!! Glad to see/meet a ‘newbie’!!!

Now, to get started, a scarf is a great way to learn the very first stitch – the knit stitch. You can practice and practice and end up with something to wear to show off your new skills!!!

Most of the time, I recommend starting out with knitting needles sized 9, 10 or 10 1/2 and buying some acrylic yarn in a light color. Coats & Clark makes a “Super Saver” yarn that is nice. Go to your local craft store and find a LIGHT color that you like. Something in light blue, yellow, light green, red, etc… will help you to be able to see the stitches you’re working on.

As far as what KIND of needles to buy, that’s sort of a matter of personal preference. There are metal ones, bamboo ones, plastic ones, all types.

After you get your yarn and needles be SURE to come back to this site and watch the videos, starting with “Casting On” and then “The Knit Stitch”. That will be what you will need to learn first!

Soooooooo glad to meet you and Happy Knitting!

I think that KnitCindy has given you some very good advice about where to start but I’d just like to suggest that before you attempt a project like a scarf or even a pot holder, you make a practice piece that isn’t anything. Just cast on a bunch of stitches and knit. That way if you drop stitches and knit unevenly (as we all did in the beginning,) you aren’t making your mistakes on something you really want to come out looking like something.

After you get the hang of the knit stitch and you’ve made your mistakes, then you can cast on for a real project.

Thanks for the advice, I live in Sweden so I’m not sure what stores have alot of knitting supplies. I’ve been to a few hobby stores and the selection of yarn was kind of small so I it’ll have to do to practice with =) can’t wait to get started!

Yes, practicing is a very good idea. Cast on about 20-30 sts, knit a few inches, then add a purl row every other row and alternate a knit row and a purl row for a few inches. Then you may want to try doing k3 sts and p3 sts on the same row, then go to decreases and increases. Or whatever strikes your fancy.

I suggest needles between 5-6mm (8-10 US) and a medium weight, light colored, smooth yarn. No furry stuff. It’s much easier to learn that way and you can knit the other stuff when you have a handle on what you’re doing. :thumbsup:

My suggestion (and I apply this to anyone that I teach how to knit):

  1. learn to cast on
  2. learn to bind off
  3. learn the “knit stitch”
  4. learn to recognize ‘dropped stitches’
  5. learn to ‘pick up’ dropped stitches with a crochet hook
  6. learn to ‘count stitches’ at the beginning of every new row, making sure that you still have the original stitch count: no more, no less

[B]Project #1: a Garter Stitch Winter Scarf[/B]

  1. work with a 6mm/US10 wood or vinyl/acrylic needle
  2. work with a worsted weight ‘regular’ yarn, soft wool blend
  3. cast on 20 stitches
  4. work ‘garter stitch’ for 50"
  5. bind off

I always teach a simple Garter Stitch (scarf) BEFORE any other stitch is tossed into the repertoire of stitches. It’s really good to MASTER the “knit stitch” first. “Garter Stitch” is created by working “the knit stitch” on each row, whether Side 1 or Side 2. I’m a real believer that by first mastering the knit stitch, you will get a good grip on working with 2 sticks and a piece of yarn! And this will enable to you easily master other stitches later!

Garter Stitch scarves can be very beautiful! Depending on the size of your needle, and the yarn you’ve selected, you could knit 10 garter stitch scarves that don’t look anything alike!

My daughter is using a 10mm/US15 with worsted weight yarn to create a lacey looking garter stitch scarf! The big needles make bigger holes…bigger stitches…and it’s a look of its own!

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Knitting! :hug:

I’ve heard of a wonderful yarn store called Strikk in Gotenborg, Sweden.


Don’t know if its near you but from the website, the store looks positively inviting! :slight_smile:

I go to school in Göteborg, so thanks for the tip! =) And huge thanks to everyone else for all the advice, my husband’s cousin is going to help me get started so that’s a big relief, all the terminology has intimidated me quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Just want to add that everyone here seems very nice, I think I’m gonna like it here! =)