Just starting--TODAY! Help!

Okay, I’m just “officially” starting today! Yay, me! :smiley:

My problem is that I’ve read about how knit/purl are supposed to look (in the SnB book) and so far I’ve only tried knitting with the video for continental knitting on this site… but as far as I can tell, they look like purl stitches! The knit ones are supposed to look like they’re wearing a scarf… like a ‘v’, and the purl ones look like they’re wearing a noose… kinda like a ‘–’, right?! :frowning:

I’ve watched and watched the video, and I’m pretty sure I’m knitting, since I’ve only watched the purl one once last night (didn’t want to confuse myself today when starting!)… is there anything else I could be doing wrong to cause the ‘noose’ effect? Could it be my skeezy cheap yarn? Heeelp!

It’s okay if it looks all bumpy! Don’t panic!

(I’ve attached a picture of my very first knitting attempt…not too long ago…the only pic of garter stitch – knitting all rows – I had on hand.)

It’s true that knit stitches are little Vs and purl stitches look like the scarf guy, but on the reverse side, they are the opposite. i.e. the back of a knit stitch looks like the front of a purl stitch. Does that make any sense? :smiley:

(So if you knit all rows, half the rows will look like the front of a knit stitch, and the other half will be backwards. If you want the whole right side to look like Vs, you have to knit one row, then purl one row, because when you turn your work, you’re knitting on the wrong side.)

Are you sure you’re bringing the yarn up from the bottom, and not putting it over the top. Maybe you should try English a little bit to see if it comes out better?

Or if you are knitting every row, the back side of a knit is essentially a purl and vice versa so you will be seeing purls on both sides in garter stitch.

:smiley: Thank you guys SO MUCH!!! I am knitting every row! That’s why it looks all bumpy, huh?! Okay, I want it to look all knitted on one side so, I should just knit one row, purl one row? Will that make it curl at all?

Sorry to ask these questions, I’m sure I could find the answers somewhere on this site or on craftster, but I’m so new to the lingo it’s really tough going!

Freakin’ A! Now I know why people develop arthritis. :shock: My left hand (thumb) is in agony! I learned crochet first, and that’s only one hand, people! My left hand is horribly out of shape. lol

Thanks for everyone’s help earlier. I think I got it now. I was doing garter stitch! Now I’m doing stockinette. At least I get an ‘A’ in vocabulary, right? :smiley:

Just one more quickie for ya… How did you guys hold the needles when you were beginning? I know whatever’s most comfortable is best, but I’d like to try it a couple different ways so I can decide what IS most comfortable. Right now, I kinda have the end of the left needle braced on my leg 'cause I can’t really lift it with everything else that’s going on with that hand. :thinking: Is there a better hold?

It really is a matter of what feels best for you. My left needle is the more stationary of the two, and I knit English. Some people keep the right needle tucked under their arm. Some people use circs all the time, even for knitting straight. I’m leaning more and more toward this way. You’ll find the style–there’s no wrong or right–as long as it works for you.

And yes, stockinette will curl terribly. If you are knitting something like a scarf, put a garter stitch edge on it–at least 5 stitches in garter (knit every row) at the beginning and end of your rows. This helps prevent curling. If you are making a garment, sewing the seams will get rid the the curl.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take it one day at a time and you’ll learn more and more and get more and more confident.

:thumbsup: Glad you got that figured out!

I think you’ll find that your hands/arms will hurt less in a week or two when you get into a groove – holding the needles, etc. in a way that is relaxing instead of stressful. Mine hurt a lot at the beginning because I was doing everything too tightly. :smiley:

I agree with Julie, I was gripping it all way too tight in the beginning. Making a conscious effort to relax really helps.

I’m partial to continental (of course, since I do it that way) but I tried both in the beginning. Since you mentioned your crocheted first, I think continental is more similar to it becasue of the picking motion.

I crocheted all my life before learning to knit in the last year, so anything that made it seem more familiar really helped!

Yeah, hopefully one day anything about this process will seem similar to crochet for me! I’m having a problem with the stitches coming off the left needle before I’m ready… on the plus side I think I’ve nailed slip stitch! :wink: At first I thought the whole thing would be easier if I had a hook on the end!

I did a few rows so far today, and I’m so proud of my inch-and-a-half knitted, um, thing… fabric? I’m maintaining stockinette pretty well, I think. I just have to work on recognizing which row I’m on, knit or purl.
On the other hand (HA!), it hurts like a chicazaambie! Okay, that’s a word I just made up that means OOOWWWWWWWWWW!!! :rollseyes:

Thanks for all the encouragement!