Just starting to knit....VERY novice!

I used a long tail cast on fronm your video! Thank you! It taught me well! My question is, do you count EVERY stitch on the needle as a cast on stitch including the first one? Or if it asks for 38 do you cast on 39 and when you get to the last 2 cast on stitches use them as one? The last 2 actually being the first ones you cast on with. Am I being clear? :knitting:

When you cast on, count every loop over the needle as a stitch even it got onto the needle because it was a slip knot.

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Agreed with Salmonmac. Each loop counts toward your needed cast on, slip knot loop included.

I also use the long-tail cast on that Amy teaches. There are times that I count each one and use both of the two uprights created by the first cast on doing it the way Amy shows with no slip knot. But unless I need a firm/tight edge for something like seaming it together later, I usually count each upright as a stitch. After making about 3 dozen headbands for my girl I realized that if I don’t stitch those last two together (the first two cast on) then my seam looks real “holey” on the edge where I started my cast on because of the looseness of that first loop of the first cast on.

Did that make sense?