Just starting out

Hello everybody,
I just started knitting and I was wondering, what’s a good thing to start with? At first I wanted to make a sweather but I realize that that’s to hard for now.
Does anyone know something easier to start with? Or maybe someone has some general tips that can help me?
This is my best work so far

I would apriciate your help :mrgreen:

I would just keep on with that practice swatch doing your knits and purls till you feel comfortable. Then rip it out or get a new skein to start a scarf. Cast on stitches in the width you like and then knit till it is the length you prefer. A good one would be a k1, p1 seed stitch. First row would be k1,p1 to start and end with p1. Then next row would start p1, k1. Make sure the stitches you cast on are an even number.
Hope this helps. Just be patient and take your time.

Working a practice piece is a good idea; if you use different stitches like seed or ribbing, you would get a sampler that can be used as a scarf if it’s about 20-28 sts wide.

Tank you for your tips, I’ll just stick to this swath and when i get better I’ll make a scarf :mrgreen:. Just 1 question i just started knitting and no one really taught me. So could you be able to explain to me what exactly is a k1 and p1? I’d really apriciate your help.

These are common terms used and found in the Glossary sections. K1 is knit 1 one stitch, p1 is purl one stitch.

You’re doing a great job on your swatch. It’s important to learn to crawl before you run, and you are well on your way to a foot race. :slight_smile:

I think the best thing to learn first is your stitches and how to identify them. Knitting ten, purling ten, etc. is a great way to do that, it’s pretty easy to keep up with, turn your work around and purl where you knit, knit where you purl. Do that until it becomes and automatic thing, then do something like a K2, P2 type ribbing, which requires a ton of attention, but teaches you well how to keep up with your pattern.

Watch the videos they have here on how to do certain techniques, practice those techniques using some cheap yarn. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and I still take time out to practice things I don’t do on a normal basis before I incorporate them into something I’m working on. You should see the heap of practice sock toes I made to practice decreases and kitchner stitch. I didn’t stop until I liked the results.