Just starting DEC in patt...?

Hi… I am currently working a ribbed cardigan from Knitters Mag, Winter 2004 (pg43) I started with the Left Front panel (of “her” version) and am trying to understand the first row after the first decrease row.

The patt is a basketweave. I just bound off 12 stitches (‘shape armhole’). Worked ‘even’ for three more rows. (Had help from my friends at work to understand that…) Now I am wondering how to keep track of my pattern stitches as I keep decreasing.

Since my first decrease row was Row 5, and I was decreasing at the end, this was no problem. However, for Row 6 (and subsequent even rows), I believe I have to alter how I START the row(s)… not knitting per the written pattern exactly, but by subtracting the first stitch(es) in the pattern…per the number of DEC stitches ‘so far’… Is this correct?

[size=2]and… If so… after I have dec’d one stich every other row for 9 times, will I be certifiably insane from the number of things I have to keep track of??? [Every other row, how many of those every other rows have I done, how many stitches to be subtracting the right number of stitches from the beginning of each new post-dec row; don’t forget to measure and stop in time; who thought knitting was such a good idea?.. :shock: ]

Let me know if I’m not being explicit enough about my confusion!
Thanks so much,

From what I gather, you’re going to have to dec at the neck edge now? And possibly at the arm edge at the same time?

What I do in this case is to make a chart–just a list of rows, and next to each one write where and how many to decrease. As you knit that row, you mark it off.

It’s also helpful to look at the piece you’re knitting so you don’t have to worry about beginning and end, but rather neck edge and arm edge if that makes sense. Since for the other side they’ll probably tell you to ‘reverse shaping’, knowing which edge is which is helpful.

Fortunately for my beginner brain, I’m only decreasing on the V-Neck-shaping side.

A chart sounds like it would very be helpful. Knowing where/when to decrease isn’t my confusion…just knowing how (with what stitch in the pattern) to start the NEXT row is.
(Unfortunately the idea of trying to make my own chart could just push me over the edge… :??)
But I’m thinking that after writing out my question I’m feeling brave enough to jump in and TRY it out.

And THIS is true - if I can trust myself to “read my knitting”, it should help me confirm whatever I’ve come up with by ‘subtracting my single decrease’ on following (non-decrease) rows…

Thanks Ingrid!!


It is helpful to be able to know your knits from your purls, and how many rows you’ve done by looking at it. Saves so much worry–much easier than depending on the math. Since you’ve gotten as far as the armholes, you should be able to tell what comes next by looking at it and comparing it to the rest of the sweater. Trust yourself a little!!

Completely off topic, but I like this line :thumbsup:

As it turned out, I had to rip out 2-3 inches of the work from after I started decreasing!! Turns out somehow I reversed my work and the WS was on the RS! DANG!! Now that I’ve successfully ripped it out (thanks to the online video help on this site) and frogged a row or two, now I’m just taking the time to stare at my work to (try to) make sure I know exactly where I am and what I should correctly do next. :rollseyes:

Ahhh… This is such a relaxing hobby!!!


:rofling: Isn’t it, though? :rofling: