Just starting and need help with Purling Questions

HI all,
I’ve jsut found you and boy I am so please I have. My Nanna was a beautiful / fantastic knitter and won many awards at the Australian Sydney Royal, however I unfortunately did not inherit her knitting ability.

I have recently learnt to spin (we have a few alpacas and I want to use their fleece to make sock, scarves etc for the family.)
The lady who was showing me to spin was knitting a lovely and supposedly easy shawl. It was quiet open in the pattern / weave. she said to me “its so easy just wrap the wool around the needle and purl 2 together”. I’m going to try tonight but thinking about it wont I loose stiches - I’m very good at starting with 50 and ending up with 70 or starting with 50 and ending up with 20.

I think a lot of my problem is I try to use fancy wool which splits to easily.

Anyway thank if you can advise pattern and I’m so please I found this forum.

When you wrap the yarn around the needle that creates a stitch to offset the p2tog. Look at the Increases page for doing a yarnover.

Thanks - I was still thinking I’d be down one stitch but the over + teh one you end up with is the 2. TA I’ll go check the other page.

Another thing you might do is to take some cheap, light colored yarn and just cast on maybe 16 sts and practice doing the stitch for a few rows. That way, before you really go at it, you’ll be comfortable with how it all works.

What Sandy said! Much as some folks dislike acrylic, it’s a lot easier to practice with. (Solid colors, too. Variegated yarn is difficult when you’re just starting.)

I wouldn’t bet you don’t have your gran’s ability, either. Just watch. In a couple of months it’ll be like you’ve been knitting all your life.