Just starting and having problems with the purl stitch

Hello all,
I am on my second day of knitting, including yesterday when I bought my needles and yarn. I would love some advise about why my purl stitches seem to switch back and forth from side to side of my projects. I seemed to get the knit stitch down quickly, but I cannot figure out why my purls aren’t all on the same side and are instead on the front and back of the project. Am I not holding the knit work correctly - so that I am flipping from front to back when I begin stitching the next row? I would really love some advise on this.
Also I just completed my first cast off. What should I do with the string at the end? Tie it?

If you’re purling all the sts on every row, you get garter stitch, same as when you knit all sts every row. Try knitting a row, then purling a row and alternate.

When you finish binding off, cut the yarn leaving a tail, then either pull out the last loop or thread the tail through the loop. Either one will fasten the yarn securely.

So, if I knit a row and purl a row then it will have all the raised stitching on one side and flat on the other like all the pictures show?

Yep. That’s called stockinette. On the Tips page there’s a few video demos for Basic Stitches.

Thank you very much for your help. I have been wondering what I could possibly be doing wrong all day. :slight_smile:

It’s something that freaks out new knitters - they knit a whole row then wonder why they get purl stitches. The back of a knit is a purl, the back of a purl is a knit. They’re the same stitch, just done differently according to which side is facing you.

It’s the reason why I was so glad that the friend who taught me to knit started me out on an alternating square pattern blanket. Knitting ten, purling ten, rinse repeat for 100 stitches and then turn it around and purl where you knit, knit where your purled… it all snapped in to place very quickly for me.

Pretty soon you’ll look at a sweater someone has on and think to yourself, “How clever for them to have purled right there, it is such an interesting texture!”

Seems to me about a week ago i asked the same question, :slight_smile: and I was sure i was messing it all up, so glad i found this web site!