Just Some Socks

Well here are some toe up, two at a time socks:

Nothing fancy, they fit nicely. I bound off a bit too tightly (eep!) and had to stretch them out over my heel to get them on :teehee: .

Now on the yarn review since I feel so strongly about this. The yarn is a superwash wool blend from J.Knits. And it looked and felt lovely in the hank:

I don’t know if anyone has ever used this yarn, of if I just got a fluke but…man, this yarn was AWFUL. I looovved the colorway in the hank, but I’m very disappinted with how it worked up. The color runs are too short. Blech.

Really, this is the worst yarn I’ve ever had the displeasure to work with. It’s hard feeling on my feet. These socks are not comfortable. It was very loosely spun or something because the yarn was untwisting all over the place and splitty. And it felt just terrible as I knit–it had no give and was SQUEAKING as I worked it. Worse than Red Heart, in my opinion. And this stuff was $22 for the hank! Man…worst birthday splurge ever :!!!: . I will never, ever buy something from this yarnmaker again that’s how bad it was considering the price to product ratio. Ugh.

The good news, I guess, is that these socks are on the short side and it looks like I probably have enough yarn for a pair of ankle socks. But–I’m not looking forward to knitting them :pout: .

I very seriously recommend that NOBODY use this yarn EVER…and I may even share that opinion with the LYS owner (and her pricing scheme!)

Anyway–sorry for the rant! But I had to get that out :teehee: . I’m still wearing these babies to work tomorrow though, heh.

I think they came out beeeeauuuutiful!

Thanks! :muah:

I do like them, overall. And I’m definitely wearing them. I just expected to be much more impressed with this yarn :shrug: .

I’ll be showing them off at work. I have 2 co-workers in my office–one male, one female–and they both know I knit. The other girl is sort of “oh fun you knit…” in a polite way. But the guy thinks it’s so cool that I knit my purse and wanted to feel it all up the other day, is flabbergasted that I was working on socks (in the office, last week was sloooow) and is dying to see them tomorrow. :teehee: It totally cracks me up–this guy is my age (26) and he’s a GUY-guy…ex-marine, etc etc. I’m soooo going to have him knitting his girlfriend a scarf by the end of the year. :twisted:

It was squeaking? Ick. The socks are lovely anyway! I’ve never made socks and want to knit them toe up.

btw, I’d think the shop owner would want to know how dissatisfied you are with the quality. And that you’re telling everyone you know. :teehee:

I swear I’m usually very easygoing! Ordinarily I’d never rant like this and tell people not to buy something…but boy! I was pi$$ed knitting these! Hehehe, I guess it did give me space to work out some stress and hostility though :rofl: .

Sorry you were disappointed with the yarn…but still the socks look fantastic! Two-at-a-time socks may be the thing for me. I made one little anklet and couldn’t bear to do the other one!

good lookin’ socks!

It’s a great preventative strategy :teehee: , that’s exactly why I make them two at a time. My first sock was peerless (and pairless) for months before I ever got around to making the second. Now it’s two at a time all the way!

The socks look beautiful to me!

But the horrible feel! Ugh! I’ve done that! I am “proud” of you for sticking to it!

The socks look great! Sorry you didn’t enjoy the yarn at all! :pout:

Although you don’t like the yarn, they made pretty socks!

Finish using it up (hate to waste) and donate what you knit up. I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who could care less about the feel and will be happy to have something on their feet.

Good job, though!

Congrats on getting done with the socks! I think they look great! :cheering:

Bummer about the yarn though… :pout:

Hey, Hama, can you point me in the direction of some instructions on two-at-a-time socks? Sounds like the only way I’ll ever do two…!

Here’s a link to Judy’s Magic Cast On for toe-up socks. She has a note and few pictures about doing two at a time at the end.

I never really went beyond this direction-wise because really, once you get both socks on the needles, it’s just “do it twice.” So you knit across in this order: top of sock 1, top of sock 2, bottom of sock 2, bottom of sock 1.

When it gets time to deal with the heels, you complete the entire heel turn (for example) of sock one, knit across til you hit the heel of sock 2 and finish that…knit around the front til you’re back at the starting point of heel 1. Then onwards with the flap in the same fashion.

It’s pretty straightforward once you cast on and just start going. Good luck! It’s the only way I’d ever complete a pair. I’m such a half-projecter it’s not even funny. To this day my mom teases me because as kid I used to bake half a batch of cookies and throw out (or eat! :oops: ) the rest of the dough when I got bored :roflhard: . She just about blew a gasket when I finally handed her a finished Aran afghan and matching pillow for Christmas this year :teehee: .

Sweet! Thanks. I’m off to the yarn store for sock yarn and SWS for a Lady E…not that I don’t already have SIX wip’s right now. Wait! No! Those are just the ones I’ve actually been working on. :oops: I have like 5 more in the pockets of my knitting bag… :roflhard:

Who BAKES the cookie dough??? :roflhard: :rofl:

Sweet! Thanks. I’m off to the yarn store for sock yarn and SWS for a Lady E…not that I don’t already have SIX wip’s right now. Wait! No! Those are just the ones I’ve actually been working on. :oops: I have like 5 more in the pockets of my knitting bag… :roflhard:

Who BAKES the cookie dough??? :roflhard: :rofl:

PS - I realized I forgot to say, “Fabulous socks!!” LOL

Wow - I really love the way that looks!! The colors are so gorgeous together. Great job on the socks. :heart:

They look GREAT!!! I probably would have brought it back to the store & told them I wanted to exchange it! BRAVO to you for following through and finishing them!!! :cheering: