Just simple stripes and flowers

Hello everyone! I’m back to knitting!!!

Simple stripes and flowers…

I had trip to Russia this summer and I visited my sister’s family in Ural.When I get in her kitchen I saw knitted potholders that I made for Julia 13-14 years ago.I was pleasantly suprised-it still in use!!! I made pictures of them for the memory

It remains me a time when my daughter was newborn baby and I wasn’t working,so I have time for knitting and crocheting.I was making a geometric shaped potholders for myself and for everybody, who asked me about it.I guess, i made hundreds of them at that time.Some of them was knitted, some of them-chocheted, or combinated (knitting+ crocheting).I always like knitting more, then chrocheting.I don’t have lot of patience for a hook…
Those old potholders on my sister’s kitchen also remained me about another not finished work in my house… In 2004( when I was exspecting my last son) I decided to crochet the pillows for me and my relatives.I made 36 chrocheted motifs with flowers and…I lost desire and not finish it… How I already said-I never have patience with a hook…

When I came back to U.S. from Russia I found those 36 motifs in my old boxes and decided to make the blanket.But I really have no desire for crocheting right now,I’m going to knit the stripes around each motif.

Look what I already made.Look unusually,but I like it.

First of all I imaged a big motif like that ( I call it ‘‘5-parts motif’’).

I knit such motif, then wet it,then put it on piece of foam and little bit stratch it and shape it with toothpicks.

I plan to make 6 of such ‘‘5-parts motifs’’ and put them on the middle of blanket. Then I will put 24 small motifs with flowers around it.This is the small motif:

Then I want to chrochet the stripes around whole blanket.By this way it will be a good size blanket.

Every day more and more new motifs:

Whole blanket will take only 30 small motifs with flowers and It’s 6 motifs left. I will use them for pillows.

The blanket will take only 30 motifs from 36.I will use 6 motifs(that left) for the pillows.There are my begginning imagination for pillow patterns

Pillow N 1(one side)

pillow N1(another side)


Pillow N2(one side)

another side of second pillow in progress now. I will show it later.

There are possible motifs for pillow N3

I use a different methods of knitting(crocheting) for my projects.
1-Log cabin method

2-Partial tunician method of chrocheting(knitting).

Some people will say ‘‘tunician knitting’’, other people may say-’‘tunician crocheting’’,because it’s something between crocheting and knitting.

Why it’s only '‘partial’'tunician knitting, and how I’m making it-I can explain in details, if someone interested.

Good luck to everybody with your knitting, or crocheting, or…BOTH!!!

Those all look great, Lima! So nice that your potholders are still being used, too!

I’m so glad you’re back to knitting. It’s wonderful to see your work in all it’s glorious colors and I look forward to seeing the finished blanket. Sounds like a good plan for the finished project and lots of fun along the way.

It is always wonderful to see your hard work still being put to use when you give gifts. Your projects will be beautiful when finished. We love forward to seeing them.

More and more new motifs every day



You’re such a creative knitter!

Wow! These are eye-popping and very pretty. I should sneakily send you all my excess yarn just to see what you can do with it! Nyah! You’ve probably got plenty of your own! :wink: