Just placed my first order with Elann!

I ordered some Den-M-Nit. Anyone used it?

I’m going to make a few bibs for a friend who’s having a little boy.

It’s supposed to act a lot like Rowan Denim, it’s meant to shrink. So take that into consideration…

Yeah, it even says that it shrinks 10-15% right on the website. I think it’ll make cute little bibs.

I also saw it knit into baby jeans. They are soooo cute!

Yep, that’s what a lot of people use it for. There’s also a skirt pattern for the Rowan Denim that people use the elann for too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater that is featured on the yarn page. I’m looking for the PERFECT cable cardigan to knit, it also comes in a wide (no pun intended) variety of sizes.

I checked the book out and it’s $30.00 and they only give you six pictures of what is in it (it says there are 25 patterns). I hate to spend that much without knowing what else is in the book!

YEAH! I think it will make cute bibs!

I know what you mean! There have been several books that I have not bought cuz I couldn’t see enough inside of it.

That is my beef with books. I want to see the patterns.

Pretty blue’s! Those bibs will be adorable.

The book is cheaper at Amazon. I love that sweater too but I wasn’t about to spend $30 for a book for one pattern I know I like.

woohoo! bought it used for $18.00, including postage!

I have made a few sweaters with the Den M Nit, in fact working on one currently. As someone else posted make sure you allow for shrinkage. Make a swatch first. Also it bleeds on your hands terribly while working, so make sure you set the dye in the yarn after you have completed the project with some vinegar in the water.

Thanks for the hints, Adele! Also welcome to the forum! :yay: