Just Ordered Options

I just placed an order for a set of Options as well as the pumpkin orange knitting tote. Actually I ordered two of the totes as my mother had said that she would like to have one and I thought it would be a nice gift for her.

I ordered express shipping on both orders so everything should be here either Monday or Tuesday. I had planned to leave back out on the road Monday but called the boss and told him how tired I am and that I needed to stay home until Wednesday to get more rest. :rofl:

Oh boy! I can’t wait to see them.

:cheering: Mason!!

You will just love you Options. I love mine and never want to put them down.

:cheering: :roflhard: :thumbsup: RIGHT ON MASON! staying home to await knitting stuff! :happydance: :cheering: I love to do that, when I can!

I’m thinking of ordering some Options as well. in fact, I just filled a shopping cart and am deciding if and when I should go for it.

I too broke down and ordered some. I ordered the 17, 15 & 13, with the 40" & the 47" cables. Sigh. I’ve ordered more things online since finding this site.

Denise Needles
yarn that doesn’t come from Michael’s
tickets to Stitches West
Circular needles in general
Fiber Trend Clog pattern

And this is what I can think of off the top of my head. I love that people will say “yeah” or “nay” to yarn/needles/books, etc. And that people don’t always like the same stuff. It really helps to see reviews from people who are at all stages of knitting experience. I learned to knit on my own, and tried a lot of things before I found this site, but prior to KH I was a hobbie knitter, it has now turned into a “lifestyle choice” :teehee:

That’s the nice thing about setting my own schedule. I can decided when to work and when to stay home. And one does have to have priorities ya know. :rofl:

I’m really looking forward to trying the Options.

ROFLOL!! It’ll be so worth it :teehee: you’re gonna love them-and your dear Mom will be thrilled I bet!


Once you get the needles, you might want to sit down and check them over. While knitpicks gives great customer service, there have been some problems with some of the sets. They are VERY good about taking care of it.

What we did was to first check each cable cord. 2 of 4 had rough spots on them that would catch yarn (run a fingernail or soft silk type cloth down the cord to check). Also check the join where the cable goes into the metal holder.

Then we did the same checking needles. One had a rough spot in the finish.

Then we screwed each set of needles onto a cable. We varied which cables we used to also check the threads on the cables. We had one needle that had bad threads.

I called knitpicks a week ago, gave them the list of problems and they shipped new ones out. I only hit the post office once a week as it’s a bit of a drive (well… .not what a long hauler would consider a bit of a drive :roflhard: but for going to town), and my replacements weren’t here yet :pout:

I’m more of a wood needle person, but wanted the options so I had all the bases covered.

You may want to try wood DPN’s before investing in one kind or the other of those, as some people find wood DPN’s much more managable. I find the wood DPN’s, being lighter, don’t swing around and just stay put better.

It’s really a personal preference thing… I was going to say sort of a Chevy - Ford thing… but maybe it’s more of a Peterbilt - Kenworth thing :??

Some people prefer metal, some wood, and some metal for some things and wood for others!

Enjoy your options! They are arranged well and a great way to carry a wide variety of knitting sizes on the road.

Mama Bear

mason~ Just don’t put YOUR knitting bag~uh tote~ :teehee: next to MOM’s or there might be and accidental mix up~~ :doh:

Thanks for the heads up Mama Bear, I will check them over very carefully when they arrive next week.

I looked at some wood needles and to be honest I really prefer the metal ones. I have a few sets of aluminum DPNs and really like them. Naturally I need some more :rofl: Being the open minded person that I am, I probably will eventually give some wood ones a try just to see how I like them in action.


Way to go!!! And I am SO in favor of skipping work for fun!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Of course. Why waste it on something silly like an illness or something?

Mason, You are soooo hooked! Enjoy your Options. I’m using their classic circulars for socks on two circs and I’m really enjoying them, although they are sharp. Have fun and let us know how you like them, and the orange bag. I didn’t know they had one - off to check out their website!

:cheering: you will love them… hope you like the tote too… I have it and used it for knitting classes… now its used for trips home… lots of room and pockets

Mason, I hope you know you have every married female knitter here looking at their husbands and thinking “Why can’t he be more like Mason?” Well at least one of us anyway.


Kristin, you may find this article of some slight interest. I just wrote it today.



Did you order the DPNs as well?? I know that you just started socks.

I, personally, like the metal more than the wood. I have a problem getting my yarn to slide over the bamboo needles since I am a tight knitter.

Anyhow, enjoy the Options!! I feel like I’m driving a Mercedes when I knit with them. :teehee:

No I haven’t yet ordered DPNs. I bought some at Hobby Lobby (metal) and am using those. I’ll probably be ordering some more sizes soon.

LOVED the article!!

My dh grew up in a home where his mom did EVERYTHING for his dad. Unfortunately, he came to me trained that way.

I’ve recently begun to rebel and quit doing a lot of the things I used to do.

Ironing…what’s that?? :??

Folding the clothes, huh??? :shrug:

I have a pre-teen son who will, I’m determined, learn to cook, wash clothes, and iron them, as well as balance a checkbook and grocery shop.


I think that you know that we think you are pretty awesome!! :cheering: