Just ordered my Options!

Well I went and did it I bought the KP Options today!!! Now I just have to do the waiting game. :whistle:
This coming weekend I want to go and get the clogs pattern at my lys. I have had the yarn for awhile. Just have to get the courage up to make them.
:teehee: I figure that I do mostly socks that with a little patence (sp) I should be able to do them. Besides there is enough help here . You guys are great on the helping end of knitting.
Hope not to many got snowed in with this crazy weather. We got just a dusting of snow in my part of the woods in Virginia,after a full day of down pouring rain.
Everyone have a great weekend and keep knitting.

Teri :muah:

That’s great, I think you’ll like the Options, especially if you like addi-turbos.

That’s cool!!

I’ve been thinking about Options and Denise lately.
Since I am really beginner knitter, I’m not sure which one to

Anyway, I’m glad you made your purchase :cheering:

Let us know how you like it.


Yes I will let you know about the options and how they work. Which I know will be great. I do have the Denise set and I like them a lot. I think that both have there place. :teehee:
Teri :muah:

Options are wonderful!!! :cheering: They’re even faster than Addis and they’re cheaper. Just be sure to check them carefully when you get them. Sometimes there are problems with the needle connections or you may get 2 of one size. Luckily they have an amazing customer service and they will replace anything sight-unseen. When I had a problem they offered to ship a replacement priority free of charge.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

They really are great, but I second the suggestion to check them carefully. In my set I got 2 pairs of size 10.5 and no size 10.

Their service is great and they told me to just keep the extra 10.5 and sent me the 10s that I was missing.

They are GREAT. But, like everybody else said, you might want to check the tips and cords. You’re gonna love them!

I know I am going to like them. I had bought the size 3 just to see how they would work. To check out the cable. I loved the one so I know the rest is going to be heaven. Yes I do intend to check them as soon as I get them. Now it is just the wait, funny how it is once you order them or anything for that matter it just seems forever :roflhard: to come. :eyebrow: So I will let everyone know when they come in and see if I have anything wrong with them.
Teri :muah:

I just received my Options, but the 9’s and 10’s don’t measure quite right in my Boye needle gague. The 9’s don’t fit the hole; neither do the 10’s. Do you think it really makes that much of a difference?

Has anyone else had this problem and what do I do?

This has happened to me with those two needles. They don’t quite fit the Boye gauge. This hasn’t been a problem for me though.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

i really :heart: my options set. so slick, so light, so smooth. the joins are flawless. :happydance:

edited to fix a silly typo. :oops:

I just received my options a week or so ago and i love them!!! i am also a fan of the addi turbos but i like the options better because the tips are sharper than the more blunt turbos. i’m using them right now for my petunia tote and for legwarmers using magic loop. so far so good.

The only time that I revert back to my Addis or Lantern Moons…is when I am knitting with a yarn that splits easily…like Lara Endless Summer yarn or Cotton Patine yarn. The type of cotton that is about a million little itty bitty strands/plies. The OPTIONS will split cotton yarn in a heartbeat unless you are very very attentive to every stitch. Just finished a baby sweater/hat set…and used ADDIS…but, switched to OPTIONS on the rows that called for stitch manipulation. You know…the K2T or SSK rows, and cables or bobbles. Anyway, you will love your OPTIONS! Certainly the best “set” in the world! And sooooo good on the wallet!

I have wanted a set of these since I first saw them. I also think they are worth every penny.
Right now I am still waiting for my order to come in. Left on the 19th and now it is on it’s way to I don’t know. It is in W.V right now :nails: :tap: Says it will be in house on Saturday!!! That just happens to be my grandson’s birthday! Maybe I can talk my daughter into having his party Saturday Night. Ya Ya that’s it Then I can hopefully snuggle my new needles and yarns.
Teri :muah:

:?? What do you think is the best online source for the options needles? Sounds like everyone loves them. I love the addi turbos, so would probably like the options too.

A-As far as I know, they are only available from KnitPicks. www.knitpicks.com

B) I have been tightening them with the tool that comes with it but I am still having trouble keeping them tightened. I sometimes coat my navel piercing post with clear nail polish before tightening the ball onto that so it doesn’t come unscrewed. I am thinking of doing that before I use them but I am wondering what people think about the idea (only in large projects to give the nail polish time to wear down so I can unscrew them when done).

Thank you. I’ll check them out.

Have people had trouble with the cables coming undone while working? I wouldn’t like having to deal with that.

BosonBecca, Why don’t you call the KnitPicks people and ask them what they think about your dilema? They may have a “tip” for you. I WOULD NOT put nail polish on the threading.

Mine have never come loose, even with long long long hours of continuous use.

Question for those of you that have Options… my LYS owner said that the tips of them are very sharp, and she said that if you have a tendancy to push the needle tip with your finger (which I do) then I could cut myself…

Are they that sharp?

I like a good point on a needle, but dont want a spear to fish with also… :teehee:

I am asking for a set of interchangeables for my birthday (November) and dont know what to ask for.

I read through parts of the interchangeable thread… but its soooo long

The tips are sharp but just sharp enough. They are definately not sharp enough to cut you. I push on the tip occasionally during knitting with the pad of my fingertip and it doesn’t even hurt. I really like my options. After the first row of this project i haven’t been having the unscrewing problem anymore. I think it was how I was using them and something imperceptible to me has changed but it’s stopped.