Just new and looking for a illusion pattern

Hello all I am just new to this forum, I am looking for a illusion knitting pattern, I saw a scarf that was made by a member user name yarnpiggy. and was wondering if it is possible to get that pattern. it was a scarf with stars on it. I would like to make it for my best friend for christmas if anyone could help with this i would appreciate it

I just responded in the other post. It’s a very old thread and the member is no longer active. There are a lot of illusion scarf patterns. Anything specific you’re looking for?

yes it is a scarf with stars on it… i saw it on her post when i first signed up… i have searched the net for one… cant find it. any helpw would be appreciated even if i could find a star pattern in illusion knitting i could just use that and put it in a patter
thanks for your respone


In case you missed my other post.

I like this site for learning to chart illusion knit patterns. See the tutorial further down the page for making your own chart. A star is a good pattern to start with because it’s fairly simple.

Thank you everyone for your help I will check out the links sent and see what I can find. have a great day