Just need to VENT-- UPDATE!

Well sorry you all have to listen to this but I just need to vent.2 days ago I received a call from a coworker who runs a trailer court and someone moved out and left their dog there to fend for it’s self:hair::!!!:.A really nice Golden Lab pup.He is pretty skinny:tap: So now I have another dog to try and fix.Why do people do this :grrr:Larry figures he was on his own for a month.The owner just moved out without telling anyone and just left the dog:wall: I get so pissed at people who do this:grrr: And now with people not being able to afford there houses they are moving to apartments and just leaving their animals to fend for themselves.Why can’t these people at least drop them off at a shelter.:tap:This dogs ribs are sticking out and you can see his back bones.Know I have to fatten him up and try to find a new home for him.Don’t get me wrong I love helping animals but why can’t people take responsibility for their for their pets.We have a no kill sanctuary about 10 miles away and they are over run with animals of all kinds.They even have pet rats that people left them.They will take any animal.So here I am with poor BJ (thats what I named him) who is skinny and hungry as hell.He is such a nice dog too so hopefully I can fatten him up, train him and find him a new home.He has a cut on his front pad so he limps around.He just such a sweet dog I just can’t imagine someone leaving him to fend for himself.
Thanks for letting me rant on about BJ’s owners.I just get so upset :waah::grrr::hair::!!!:I needed to vent a little bit.

Oh what a beautiful dog. I can’t think of the word I want but can’t the trailer park give the name of the people to the dog officer. That is a bad case of dog neglect. I also live in a trailer park and the same thing people move and leave the cats. I can’t believe that people can do this. Hope everything goes well and you can find a good home for BJ. :hug:

I don’t understand it either, Julie. :pout: The things people do sometimes just amaze me.

I’m so glad you got him for now and can give him some food and love so he’ll make someone a nice pet. :hug: He’s a beautiful dog and is so sweet looking!

This type of thing actually breaks my heart, but thankfully, BJ, has a loving friend in you to take of him until he is fit enough to find a ‘real’ home with loving people. No one has to have a pet, they are not something you ‘throw-away’ and I can certainly understand your anger and frustration. It absolutey incites me. Thank God for good and caring people like yourself.

You’re awesome to take him in and fatten him up. :muah: He’s so gorgeous you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him a loving home. I know our local SPCA will allow you to post an animal on their website for the visability, but you can adopt it out on your own terms.
As for people - I’m going to avoid my soapbox about how people treat their animals…However, when I was working for the SPCA in a college town come the end of the sememster we always knew we would get phone calls from apartment complexes when kids went home to mom and dad and couldn’t take the pets with them so they would leave them in the apartment.

What a beautiful sweet looking dog! I hope he finds a really nice home soon. You are a great person for helping him out. Poor baby!

What a lovely looking dog. I too don’t understand how people can just abandon their pets. He must be so happy that you found him.

That poor sweet dog! He’s beautiful. How wonderful of you to care for him. I can’t understand how people can be so cruel and hateful. Thank goodness for great people like you. :yay:

OK… Let me help you on the soap box… That is inexcusable! Thank God for people like you. He seems so sweet! I love Labs. Give him an extra hug for me. I wish I was closer so I could help out. I admire you!

Those people should be forced to live in the same conditions!
Good for you for being such a kind and compassionate person.

Perhaps if you post this in Knitters Knear you, BJ could find a loving home with a wonderful KHer.

Awww, what a sweet angel!! He is so cute, I am sure you won’t have a hard time finding him a loving family. And :cheering: to you for taking him in! BJ is lucky you are around.

This reminds me of the pet food company commercial where they say, “Imagine that your family moved . . . and didn’t take you with them.” I always tear up when I even think about those poor animals.

Some of my very best friends have been dogs and cats that were abandoned by their owners. It’s impossible for me to imagine how someone can do this and not give it a second thought! My DH often says that he wishes we lived on a big piece of land so we could take care of all the dogs who need homes.

You’re that dog’s hero!

Beautiful dog rescued by an even beautifuler person! :muah:

:!!!: People who abandon animals ought to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no food or water but plenty of coyotes. Just last Fall my son found a kitten hiding under the bridge in our driveway (creek runs thru’ the yard). Poor kitty was starved and dehydrated…but his long fur was spotless–it had been raining and was muddy out, so he had to be an indoor kitten. Whoever had him had simply not bothered to feed or water him. B******.

(He’s now a roly poly 9 month old catling who tackles the 3yo cat for wrestling matches almost hourly, and cuddles with my sons huge german shepherd.)

Good for you for taking in BJ. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an animal back to health, and having it trust you implicitly despite its previous experience with people.

We live in a rural area about 20 miles from a big city and people used to drop dogs off out here and all of our dogs for years were drop offs. Thank goodness now we go to the Humane Society for our dogs. More people are taking them somewhere rather than just throwing them out of the car.
We even had a puppy that my husband brought home that had been thrown out of a car on a busy street. My husband was right behind that vehicle and stopped and picked up the lab puppy and brought him home.
I wish there was some way of punishing people like that and BJ’s previous owners.

Thanks everyone!! I’m sure you all would of done the same thing:hug: Us animal lovers just have to do what we have to do for the animals. I just wish the laws were stricter here in the country. BJ is doing GREAT and he is such a wonderful dog.I really wish I could keep him but DH says 2 dogs is enough.I say if you have 2 dogs what’s 1 more:teehee:
Thanks again for letting me vent and hope you all had a great Easter:hug:

Hiya Julie

You really are a gem! What a beautiful pup - how old do you think he is?

[COLOR=Red]I won’t add any more comments here about what I think of the pup’s ‘owners’ [/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]- cruel b…st…ds![/COLOR]

I’m just so glad and relieved that someone like you found him.

I know Gregg says that two dogs are plenty but you could gently remind him that Sam Pup was found abandoned and wandering the streets alone when he was about 12 weeks old - and you know what a little star he is.

One thing about lab-type pups, they usually make great family pets and I’m sure someone out there will give him a good ‘forever’ home. It might be worth while checking out and posting on labrador forums in the US.


I am glad to hear you were here to help that beautiful puppy!!

Our dog wandered on to our property just a month or so after we moved here-covered with fleas and so exhausted he wouldn’t even walk-so we carted him in and gave him a bath and a home and he’s such a smart, sweet and loving dog…turns out he came from next door, and he just wandered off. We live in a rural area, and the people next door had lots of dogs-and got in trouble for letting them run lose. Some of their dogs died.

I’m glad we got Max (he’s a golden retriever, too-maybe mixed) because I am almost sure he’d be dead now otherwise.

You’re very sweet to help this puppy out! :hug:

Oh what an awful thing to happen to such a beautiful animal . He is stunning.
I hope you manage to find him a loving home Julie :slight_smile:

What a sweetie! I feel the same way - heaven help people who treat their dogs (and other animals!) this way if I get my hands on them! It’s so lucky he has you!

It’s lucky he’s a Lab, too - there are so many breed prejudices out there that end in really sweet animals being put to sleep for no reason. Just this past December my fiance and I took in an abandoned pit bull terrier that a friend had found on his porch. This friend still lives at home and his parents were adamant that such a “dangerous” dog should be turned over to the city. This poor dog was so skinny and dehydrated, and scared of everything. I believe he came from somewhere where he lived in a crate - a puppy mill or might have been dumped by people fearing a raid - he had no fighting scars, but he was afraid of the outdoors like it was too “big” for him and didn’t know how to act when we loved and petted him.

What broke my heart especially was that we couldn’t keep him long (we live in a tiny apartment - we took 7-8 long walks a day while he was here!) and there was almost no place that would accept him - all of the pit bull rescues were full, and there are just so many pits trying to be placed and too few families willing to take them that we had trouble finding him a home ourselves. He was a PERFECT dog, too - once he got over being afraid, he was sweet and obedient and so happy! He never tried to bite or snap even when he was scared. But people just don’t want them.

The story has a happy ending, though! A friend’s coworker has rescued pit bulls before and wanted him, so he now lives in a happy home with a big yard to play in, an experienced dog mommy, and a doggy brother and sister that he loves to play with!

Sorry, that’s my little soapbox.