Just need confirmation

Can someone please tell me why this simple lace stitch pattern isn’t turning out as shown. I’d like to believe there are few rows missing.


its the first stitch posted.

Did you cast on the correct # of sts? ((6 x X)+2)

The pattern seems fine.
Try counting the six sts. And marking the inc./dec. (2 of each)

Row 1:
Sl 1 = +1

  • k3 = 1,2,3
    y fwd = inc 1
    sl 1 = 4
    k2 tog = 5,6 dec 1
    psso = dec 1
    y fwd* = inc 1
    Repeat from * to last st
    k1 = +2
    Row 2: Sl 1, p to last st, k1.

You’re right Noonie I tried the pattern stitch over a couple repeats and there is nothing there that is going to make it do what they show there.


Maybe the photo is of the wrong thing for the pattern.

You may well be right that there are 2 or maybe 4 more rows missing.

i dont think its right. maybe its a different pic.

My thought was it was the WS showing, but given the first row and the stitches, I think it’s a 4 row st pattern so there could be 2 rows missing, or at least another RS row to it.

I worked the stitch for 4 or 5 rounds, it makes a lovely column of the lace formation shown separated by a column of stockinette. When I removed the K3 from the repeat and did just y fwd, s1, k2 tog, psso I got a lace exactly like the picture but there was about a 20% net stitch loss that needed to be made up in the WS row.

You know, they could have the * in the wrong place and an extra YO, and it should be - Sl 1, k3 * y fwd, sl 1, k2 tog psso * Repeat from * to last st, k1.

Or not enough k1… Sl 1, k3 * y fwd, sl 1, k2 tog psso yf, k1 * Repeat from * to last st, k1.