Just moved and couldn't bring my yarn

I just moved and couldn’t fit my yarn in the single car we moved with. Would love to take old yarn off your hand for the price of shipping, I’m trying not to go to Michael’s until I start working.


Hi, that’s a bummer, having to leave your yarn behind.
You know, with the price of postage so high these days, you might not save much over just buying at the store. Good luck on getting a stash going!

Check out any thrift stores in your area. Lots of time you can pick up skeins for 50 cents to a dollar each, especially at the ones run by senior citizens.

i have been pretty lucky, a bunch of ladies here in town gave me their scraps, and it is several quilts worth:grphug:

I am trying to give away some yarn as I use to do on the Knitlist just for postage. What state do you live in, hopefully not back east, but then yarn doesn’t weigh much.