Just learnt how

hi everyone

i have just leart tonight how to crochet, its great lol. i have knitted for about 2 years now and adore it. ive collected up bags full of ends of balls of yarn that i want to use up, so crocheting a blanket for my 4 year olds bed for the dummer time is ideal.

i tried to learn about a year ago and could get the 2nd chain right, i’ve done about 10 so far, there far far from perfect, but its a start.

sooo excited hehe


Good for you! Did you teach yourself to crochet, or learn from someone else?

Crochet goes much faster, is much sturdier than most knitted items.



i have taught myself. i’m just practasing on making a throw blanket or my son. i am starting to have a problem. its kinda turning into a bowl shape. i have tried to increase a st but not sure if i’ve done it right.

i am loving it though, my son loves home made things so its idea i can make things so much quicker :yay:


wonderfullll …
now here, you did not say whether you making a round item or a square??
if round then look at the other one that you posted … I answered there for round … ok …
if square … then you should have the same number of stitches per row. OR rectangle … you should still have the same number of stitches per row. ok …


it is in the round. i trued to start it sqaure i just hated doing it; felt it was going really slowly (i know it wasn’t, just me being impatient).

i will have a look at yout answer to doing it in the round now and start again as i am sooooooo excited about doing it

thank you


your very welcome … glad to be of help …