Just learning to cast on

Hi to everyone. I’m brand new to knitting and just stumbled onto this from a blog that I visit. I would love to learn to knit to make christmas presents for next year. Knitters are a neat bunch of creative people! I’m starting to watch the videos at night when I have the time. They are visually very technical and easy to follow. What is the best project to start knitting with and is it a good idea to have more than one going at once as I observe some experienced ones do.? Thanks for such a thoughtful, instructive and friendly place. Prissy

Hey there,

I am also brand new and I began by watching the videos as well. I tried a potholder with basic knit and perl stitches and it turned out great. My only problem and maybe others can answer this as well (and you will need to know this as well), what do I do with the last little stitch on my needle after binding off?

Hi guys! Welcome and I hope you enjoy knitting!

What is the best project?

:teehee: there is no best… for me, I cast on and knitted the same scarf for about 3 years. Then one day I pulled out a simple sweater pattern with double strands and away I went. The scarf (knit every row, or garter knit) was good for getting the rhythm. The sweater, good for boosting my confidence. After the sweater (which sat in pieces for about 3 years because I was scared of sewing it up) I knitted a poncho. That was awesome for working on my tension. That went fast, relatively speaking. Then I spent one entire winter knitting slippers. I think I knitted 30 pairs! After that I went to socks… and so forth.

Is it good to have more than one at a time?

Personally I think so. I need to flip between projects. I need to have something that stretches my skills (so something I perceive as hard), then I like to have a small transportable project (scarf, socks, or hat), and I also like to have a larger mindless project (say a sweater with uncomplicated cables or miles of stockinette). Often I’ll have just one more project on the go as well.

I take the smaller project with me when I have to go somewhere to wait (doctor’s office, son’s hockey game, etc). The larger mindless project is often my way of relaxing at the end of the day. Or I’ll knit on it for about 20 mins and switch to the more complex project. I find that stabilizes myself and makes me ready for the challenge of the harder piece. And the extra project prevents boredom!

What to do with the last stitch?

If you are knitting flat, pull the cut end of the string through the loop and tighten, then weave the end back into the work of knitting.

If I’m knitting in the round, I’ll keep the loop loose, thread the end on a needle into the loop, around the legs of the first look I knitted on that round, back into the last loop and tighten both equally. Then I reach under because there is often a small hole and make a horizontal stitch to fill in that hole and then weave my end back into the work.

I’m sure Amy has a video of this somewhere. I didn’t watch those videos when I joined… :wink:

Thanks Karebearcl;) Now that you mention that, I’ve seen some really nice potholders and so I think I will try one. Songbirdy explained the last stitch question however I don/t even get the question much less the answer cuz I haven’t gotten that far yet! You might try this too–Click on View Videos, then under Get Started & Learn to Knit, click on Knitting Tips. That will take you to a little video called Demo of a small project. Don’t know if that will answer your ? but it’s a neat video. Good Luck.

Wow Songbirdy!..Thanks for the reply and I can hardly wait til I’ve tried all the projects you describe. Prissy

I’m new as well. I love the videos!! Books are so hard to follow. My first project is a baby blanket. What I’m learning from it is to cast-on, change colours, knit and purl and then cast-off. After about a week of working on the blanket I started a really easy chunky wool baby sweater. It will teach me to increase, decrease, shape the neck etc and then sew the whole thing together! I like working on two things at once just to liven things up a bit. Another thing I’m doing is using nickel plated needles for the blanket and wood ones for the sweater so I can find out what kind I like best for when I order an options set.

Have fun with your first project!

I have some advice for all of the newbies.Once you get the basics down don’t ever look at a project and assume it is to hard for you to do,the key to really loving knitting is in the learning and not just the finished product,the feeling I got after I learned how to knit a sock was like one of my proudest moments ever!!

Dish cloths are good first projects I think because you can try different stitch patterns and they are quick to make.