Just learning - Need help moving to next step

I’ve knit a scarf and know how to cast on, knit a row, purl a row, and bind off. I have taught myself these things mainly from online tutorials. Now I am trying to learn some new stitches in a book I bought, and I cannot figure out how to K1, P1. I don’t know where the string is supposed to go between each type of stitch…it seems to get into a big knotted mess on my needle by the time I’m done with a row. I’m pretty sure I just have the string in the wrong place after I knit one, before I purl the next and vice versa.

If anyone could offer advice or a suggestion of where to get advice online I’d really appreciate it!! :thinking:


Welcome needless! There is a video of ribbing on the following page:

If you knit continental, choose the pink button. If your knit english, hit blue. :thumbsup:

Hello. I hope the online video helps. But just in case…
After knitting a stitch, just bring the yarn right over the tip of your right needle (so it’s in front, as when you purl), and you’re ready to purl a stitch. After purling a stitch, bring the yarn back over the right needle again (so it’s in back, as when you knit), and you’re ready to knit a stitch. Hope that clears it up a bit. :wink:

When Kaye says “over” the tip…that means IN BETWEEN the needles, to the front of your work.

Thank you - I think I finally understand it now. I will just need to practice, but at least I know the right way to do it now! Thanks!