Just K1P1?

My friend came in to work with this scarf and I just love it. She bought it at a store. For some reason the pattern doesn’t look like plain ol’ k1 p1 to me, but I can’t fathom what else it could be. It doesn’t seem to act like k1p1 but maybe it’s the type of material.

So - what’s the verdict, just k1p1? Or is there something fancy going on here?

Also, in the last pic, the edge seems like it’s folded over. Not sure if that means anything.

It does look like k1p1 to me especially in the photo on the lower right. K1p1 looks a lot like stockinette when it’s naturally pulled in and not stretched.

I’m not sure about the edge, but you could get a rolled edge by just knitting the edge 2 or 3 stitches in stockinette since it naturally curls toward the knit side.