Just joined

Hi all - I just joined the group today! :cheering: Looking forward to all the great and wonderful things I will learn. I am a WAHM, for coastal NC, I have been knitting for almost a year now and I totally LOVE it :heart: !!

I am now teaching my daughter (6) to knit and she is doing really well. She is picking it up quickly.

Well I quess thats it for now …

O I almost for got if you want to see some of my knitting you can go to my blog http://knotmaker.blogspot.com

:smiley: Welcome to the group! We are crazy yet happy people, who enjoy helping ([size=2]enabling[/size]) other knitters!

Btw. We are an addicting group so watch your step! :wink:

Hello fellow knitter hug I’m kinda new too, and everyone’s really friendly. It’s a great site :happydance:

Welcome! :waving:

Welcome to the site. :slight_smile: Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. I’ve picked up all kinds of helpful tips.

Welcome to the forum! Please post some of your finished objects (FO) in the Watcha Knitten’ forum so we can all see what you’ve been up to! :thumbsup:


Welcome!! :smiley:

Welcome to you. I love it here!! :heart: This is the BEST site for knitting help, knitting videos and meeting nice knitting people!! You’ll love it.

Let me stand in line to welcome you…I’m really happy you found us. I’m very impressed you’ve got your daughter knitting already. Good for the two of you…a life long passion to share.

Welcome to the forum! I’m so happy we have a bunch of new members!

Hello and welcome!!

:waving: Welcome. You will like it here! It is a great bunch of women and men! Great resources!

Welcome! :waving:

This lot will tell you ANYTHING! (only joking)

It’s amazing this site - everyone’s friendly and VERY VERY supportive of each other. MAGIC!

Welcome and Happy Knittin’ and Knatterin’


:thumbsup: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Funnily enough you go to the right area and they WILL tell you anything! :wink: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Welcome!! Lots 'o fun here!

welcome to KH. Watch out, now that you’re here you might find your yarn stash and needle collection growing through no fault of your own of course :wink: .