Just joined Ravelry - now I'm lost

Yea! I just got my home computer back and now I’ve signed up at Ravelry.

How do I look up the patterns and pictures you all are referring to?

Across the top of the page you’ll see buttons that are links. They say - my notebook, patterns, yarns, people, forums, groups, etc. You can click on yarn, look one up, then under the original buttons are another set of tabs - details, photos, buying options, stashes, pattern ideas, projects. Clicking pattern ideas gives you a bunch of patterns that might use this yarn, clicking on projects gives you the projects that people used that yarn to make. There’s pull down menus so you can filter on colors, or types like hats, scarves, pullovers and so forth. That gives you an idea how the yarn looks when knit up.

You can do the same for patterns, either put in a pattern name, and you can see it in different yarns and colors, or use advanced search to pull up all kinds of filters you can use to look for a pattern. You can filter by type of item, gauge or needle size, yardage, weight, and a bunch of things.

Just start clicking buttons and see what happens.

Yep, just start exploring. It can be overwhelming at first, but it’s an awesome resource. Of course KH is still the best, most friendly forum though. :thumbsup:

Thanks suzie and Jan. Now off I go to look for chunky hats!

Yes Jan, I agree. KH is the friendliest place.

Happy New Year All!!:grphug:

I am STILL discovering fun things about Ravelry! I love how you can organize you projects and favorites, etc. It’s usually the first place I go when looking for patterns - I love how you can see how others modified it and if they had any problems with it. But yes, KH is the friendliest and the first place I always go to for forums. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m loving it. I just put all my knitting and crochet projects in my projects list; saved some free hat patterns and checked all my knitting books in the knitting library.

It was really interesting to find what other people made with patterns from the books I have.

The groups and forums look a bit unwieldy though; so KH does look like a friendlier place. I did join the KnittingHelp group which I see a lot of you are in. I haven’t quite figured out how friends works. I think I added a bunch of you to my friends but it didn’t ask for your permission.