Just in time for Spring... Rose Tyler Scarf!

Finally finished my Rose Tyler Boomtown Scarf… Can you believe I started this last fall? Frog after frog… ugh! But it’s done now, and can live in a closet until next Autumn.

Ooo that’s pretty! What is the yarn?

Thanks! It’s Manos Del Urugary Wool Classica, Space Dyed. Two strands held together :).

Worth every minute of frogging. It’s very good looking and in a beautiful combination of colors. Enjoy wearing it!

Very pretty! It will be worth the wait!

Wow, that’s lovely. I really like color combos. Great work!

VERY pretty! Well worth the effort!!

It’s very beautiful…and looks sooo soft! Good work! I give you credit for STICKING TO IT!

Very pretty! Now you already have something new to look forward to when the weather suddenly cools off in the fall!:cheering:

Very lovely!

Good job and you get an A for “sticking-to-it”. That can be one of the hardest things to do when a project is being difficult. :cheering:

Very pretty!

Interesting colors…unusual pattern…priceless and for sure will get you noticed and applauded all at the same time!! BRAVO!!

Great work … I love your yarn choice! :yay:

I am making something like this except yellow!!

the thread use for knitting is very smooth.

Fantastic and great colorway too.:yay:

Love it!