Just in the "St Nick" of time!

a little ornament…

Awesome! So colorful! Is that knit with wire? How did you get it to stay round like that?

Thank you! It’s cotton crochet thread. You soak it in starch, blow up a balloon inside it, and when it’s dry, pop the balloon. It was fun!

That’s gorgeous!!

Next year I plan on decking out our tree in nothing but knitted ornaments. Oh, and 2 Mr Flurries for under the tree… :smiley:

At least I have 12 months to make them… :wink:

What an awesome idea! That would be a fun, quick project to make for gifts!

Tia - the Mr. Flurries are so much fun to make - I made 5 of them this year and they were a huge hit!

What’s a Mr Flurry? I could use a few quick gift ideas!