Just heard about whats gone on in Boston

Hope everyone is OK

Me too. :grphug:

Yeah, it’s very scary. :hug:

Be safe.
Part of me can’t believe it’s true. I know it happened. I can’t get my mind around it.

I am not a tv watcher or do I pay attention to the news. What exactly happen? I heard that it was a bombing on a marathon that’s all I know.

2 explosions
3 dead
more than 140 injured


Me either.

neither can I. Violence, to me, is always so unimaginable and horrible. I’m disgusted by it. And I long for the day when we finally find non-violent means of communication. Would, Lord, that we could!

Yesterday in my small town there was a home invader shot to death and another got away in the home owner’s vehicle. Part of me abhors the violence, part of me rejoices that the invader was shot. We’ve been so conditioned to let someone else take care of everything and to give in to violence that the criminals definitely have the upper hand. I differentiate between the two incidents as the Boston thing being a terrorist act and the home owner here was defending against a probable meth addict. My mixed feelings and attitudes sometimes confuse me. I do think that as a whole we’ve been conditioned and trained to be victims.