Just Hanging Out

Good Morning :happydance:

I am trying to find a pattern for a sweater called, [color=green]Just Hanging Out[/color], which apparently was published by Patternworks.I read a touching story online about a women who made this sweater, as a tribute to her cat. I am also a cat lover and would love to find this pattern.

Contacted Patternworks and also searched online and with my blog buds, no luck at all.

If you can help with finding this pattern, it would be greatly appreciated. Im guessing its not a really, really old pattern.


Okay, the only reference I found to the pattern was found here, perhaps is you don’t hear from Patternworks you can see if you can get a message to this lady thru the knitlist (a Yahoo! group) where she’s had a few patterns published.

Yes, I did see this About post re: the cat’s paw socks. I will check out that other site you mentioned. I also googled Mary Anne’s name but not much luck there. Thanks so much for trying to help with this. Id love to see this sweater.

Huggs, G :muah: