Just had to share

Well i finally bit the bullet and watched the magic loop video here on KH, and i tried it…
AND I LOVE IT! i’m doing the design your first sweater kit from knitpicks and i had started the sleeves on my DPN’s but decided to change the cuff style and started over so i figured i’d give it a shot and see what happens. it’s going about twice as fast now…next step socks!


I might have to try this out too… I love my DPNs though ;o)

You can still use the dpns whenever you like!

part of the reason i finally tried it was my DBF heard me use the phrase one day and started laughing hystericaly at it, even more so now that i’m in a harry potter based knitting competition on ravelry. ever since then he’s been bringing it up whenever i talk about knitting so i most did it to shut him up. now he says it looks funny

LOL that’s awesome… and TOTALLY something I’d do too ;o)

now he says it looks funny

Make the loops make two ear-like appendages, call it the Mickey Mouse technique and waggle them at him.

Grats…I love magic loop too!

Isn’t it great? I just “taught” it to myself and made a pair of fingerless mitts (on my 2nd pair now) SO much easier than dpns (which I didn’t have a ton of success with - felt akward to me)

I want to try it with socks too. I’m [I]still[/I] working on my first pair of socks, using 2 circs. I like that style as well.