Just had to share this pic

This is Maxx, the puppy that found us on Tuesday. He’s between 8-11 months old and is 57 lbs. He’s a great dog. He loves the pool and loves to fetch!

Awwww! He’s cute.:slight_smile:

AAAWWW! He looks so comfy and cool there!

What a cute dog! Maxx is a cute name for a dog. :thumbsup:

He definitely looks like a keeper!!!

He’s a beautiful dog. My first dog found me also , in front of my house on a busy Friday afternoon. I wasn’t looking but it works out that way sometimes.

He’s gorgeous!!! I’ve always been partial to the “red” Goldens myself. Our girl is a blondie, but the guy that found us 2 years ago (and then passed away) was a deep red. He was beautiful. The girl we had before our present “baby” was also a red Golden. She was a sweetheart, too.

He’s adorable and looks like a lot of fun. I hope he gets to stay!

He’s sooo cute!

Aww, what a cutie!!

He’s so beautiful! Please tell me he’s going to stay?

He’s beautiful! He sure knows how to keep cool, too!

Has your family decided to keep him? He sure looks like he wants to stay!

We haven’t decided. Another strange thing that happened is that I put an ad in the paper, ordered in Tuesday night and was supposed to be in the paper on Thursday and it wasn’t. I called the paper and he said he has no idea why it wasn’t in the paper yesterday. He said it will be in today though and we’re running it for 7 days. If no owner comes forward, then we’ll decide. We’ll probably keep him!

Too many weird things not to keep him. I’d let the ad run and then just go with it. Sometimes things can’t be explained.
:teehee: He sure looks like he’s assimilated himself well.

Maxx is gorgeous! Hope your daughter is doing better with him. I’d bet he loves her most of all.

He looks like an absolute love. Our best dogs have been strays. No one has dropped a dog off here in a long time so our last 2 have been pound puppies and are just as wonderful. I hope you keep him.

Beautiful puppy!

Maxx is a beautiful dog and looks ‘right at home’ in that little pool. I do hope, if this is what all of you want, this will be his home with a loving family.

He looks like a total sweetie! I kind of hope you do get to keep him.