Just had to share this awesome find

Happy New Year everyone…I was going thru my stash of “vintage” books and look what I found…Look at the price of this little goodie!!!

WOW! That [I]is[/I] a find! :shock:

Those patterns are timeless. Congratulations on the great find. :thumbsup: I have a few older pattern books and love them.

Thats so cool! I’ve only found one old pattern, and they were mittens from Elenor Rosevelt. Those are the mittens I failed at.

I love finds like that!!! I especially love that the price is printed on the cover. :thumbsup:

I love the penguin mittens. When do the patterns date from?

The inside of the cover is 1967!

I’m gonna try the “red cable hat” on the far left, as soon as I can “blow up” the pat instructions about 200% as the book is written quite small:hug:

Wonderful! Enjoy knitting those, and if you ever feel tempted to share…would love to join you in a KAL. I like the hat, the slipper…heck, all of those!

I have a number of those Coats and Clark pattern books. They used to sell them in Woolworths when I worked there after school around 69-70. I still have a pineapple pattern tablecloth to finish from one of those booklets. I’m just not much into crochet right now.

I am so jealous. What a find. :yay:

Awwww…don’t be;) I was lucky enough to “inherit” some beautiful stuff…from a wonderful person… and that is just one of the many many…Gosh, you should see my crochet stuff:heart:

I would love to share…How do I start a KAL?:hug:

:shock: OMG! I HAD THAT BOOK!! In fact, it was one of the very first books I ever had about knitting! I made the mock-cable hat (blue hat on the back page) and the embroidered mittens! And I remember trying to make the cabled slipper socks (blue with red and white cables on the front page), but couldn’t figure it out! After all, I was only about 12 and no one else in my family could help me!

What memories!

cloud9 :muah:

Holy crap… those blue flamed boot things… sooooo awesome… I’m gonna faint… If you’re not willing to share for free, I’d gladly buy a copy of the pattern from you! And those would be the project that I would knit for [I]myself[/I]! :inlove: Whaddya say?

Grrreat find!!!

BTW, you’ve inspired me; I searched “vintage knitting patterns” on ebay and I think I need to put the computer down for a bit. Wow.

I would be glad to “share” with you…I just need to “blow Up” the pat…(umm soon as all this holiday put-stuff-away) phase is over…heck that book is nothing…you should see my other stuff!!!I purchased (On CD) vintage patterns from www.vintage-crochet-patterns.com they are awesome and very inexpensive…check it out…

I love anything VINTAGE. For purely nostalgic reasons, I buy Vintage straights & circs off Ebay. I particularly love the old packaging, too! It is so “sigh” when you see a price sticker on a set of old circs that says 29 cents. Sigh.

Cheley, thanks! And Artlady, I agree.
Knitting never goes out of style!