Just Gotta Let It Out...Looong...lol

Typically I’m not one vent on forums, but, I just gotta let loose…lol…

Ok, it all started in mid December when my daughter got a cold. She had a typical cold, stuffy nose, blah, blah, blah. Then, my son got that cold…Stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. They both ended up with a cough that wouldn’t go away and, though they were no longer actually sick, sick, they still had some symptoms such as stuffy, runny noses, and of course, the cough.

Then, Dec. 22 rolls around. My whole family went to my grandma’s that day for an early x-mas celebration at grandma’s. One of my cousins had a stomach flu and declined to tell anyone. We found out only after she had made several trips to the bathroom to get sick, and, later confessed that on their almost 2 hour drive to my grandma’s, they had to pull over a few times so she could get out of the car to get sick! What just gets me the most is she had the nerve to hold the kids and babies, KNOWING she had a stomach bug! So, of course, the majority of my family got it as well. My son was too sick on x-mas day to even open presents…he slept all day. My daughter was ok during the day, but, by the evening, she was getting sick too. That lasted a little under week.

So, the kids finally seemed to be improving, the cough was starting to go away, no more stuffy, runny noses, and, they no longer had the stomach flu. The Sunday after x-mas, we went to my father in law’s house for x-mas (he always does his after x-mas). When we get inside, he tells us that a couple of my nieces had pink eye, but, they weren’t contagious anymore…HA!!! The following Tuesday, my daughter had pink eye, and 2 days after that, my son had pink eye as well! So, I call the dr. get the eye drops and after about a week, the pink eye is gone. However, in that time, they’re starting in with the stuffy noses again, the coughs are picking up again, but, they don’t complain or even act sick.

Moving on…lol…A small amount of time passes, and, my daughter starts complaining of a sore throat. I give her Children’s Tylenol and she said that seemed to help a bit. A few days later, she complains of her ear hurting and both ears being clogged. My son is still stuffy, and still has the cough as well. I call the dr. and make an appointment. My daughter did have fluid in here ears and an infection was beginning to form. However, he said the cause of the cough was difficult to determine because there’s so much that has been going around, people are getting over one thing and getting another. He checked for bronchitis, but (thankfully) no bronchitis. He gave me some samples of Singulair for the kids and, prescribed an antibiotic for my daughter’s ear infection. That was a little over a week ago.

Towards the end of last week, and, the beginning of this week, my husband has been really sick. Typical cold and feeling very run down. My daughter also has complained her ears are still clogged though they no longer hurt. My son, at this point, is STILL stuffy and has a cough.

Let’s move on to last night. We’re watching the Democratic debate and I decided that at the 1st break, I’d put my son to bed. It was about a half an hour past his bedtime, but, I didn’t want to miss the debate…lol…

So, 1st break comes, I get up, tell my son it’s time for bed, he starts complaining, so, I pick him up and carry him to his room. Well, my kids had been playing in my son’s room and decided to make a HUGE mess by dragging toys out of the closet and leaving them scattered all over the floor. I’m struggling with my son anyway because man, this boy is HEAVY! He doesn’t have an inch of fat on him, but, he is solid! He’s only 3 and I have a really hard time holding him. So, I’m trying to keep a hold of him (while yelling at them about the huge mess that needs to be cleaned up), kicking toys out of the way so I can get to his bed, and, step on a toy just enough to lose my balance. I begin to regain my balance and then somehow, everything goes to hell…I totally lose my balance, fall to the floor, my son falls to the floor, bangs his head on the floor, and, I hear my ankle snap. I immediately felt dizzy, sick to my stomach, shaky and had what felt like hot flashes. I somehow manage to get up, with the help of my husband, grab an ice pack and hobble back to the couch. Well, the pain becomes so intense I tell my husband I think I should go to the ER to see if it’s broken.

Now, I’m not a “baby” when it comes to pain but I swear, aside from having my kids, I don’t think I’ve felt a worse physical pain as I did last night after my ankle snapped.

We go to the hospital, blah, blah, blah. Turns out my ankle is not broken (thank goodness!) but, it is sprained and I have to stay off my feet for about 3 days…The best part is, I walk my daughter to school! HA! That was really fun today! Trying to hobble around on crutches with 2 kids in tow while it’s COLD outside…LOL!

But, it still doesn’t end there! My husband is still really sick, last night my son throws up, and, this morning my daughter wakes up and says she’s having chest pain! So, my husband has to take her back to the dr. today to find out what’s wrong with her. My son seems to be doing better, still a bit of a cough but no more getting sick, and I can barely move around. GAH! I truly hope this is no indication of how the rest of my year is going to be! :lol:

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest, thanks for listening…If you made it this far…LOL

Oh my you have all been through the wars :grphug:

This may not be a comfort to you, but here in the UK I have never known so many bugs and viruses about as there have been this winter…everyone I know has been sick, and most are still limping on with coughs and colds into the New Year.

All I can say is roll on Spring when hopefully all of us will start to feel a bit better. Hoping you and yours feel better really soon!

Believe it or not, it is a small comfort. At least I know there’s nothing seriously wrong over here…I was beginning to get paranoid thinking maybe we had a mold problem or something causing the recurring illnesses, but, it seems to be a problem all over the place! Here’s to hoping everyone gets well soon!

aw. :hug: I hope you and everyone else heals quick and feels better soon.

Oh my goodness, it must feel like it’s never going to end! :hug: I hope you all feel better soon!

Oh no… thinking good thoughts for you and hoping it all gets better soon! :hug:

I am so sorry to hear what a bad time you are all having with all these ailments. I am sure that you will all recover soon.
My son was poorly for about a month before christmas . coughs ect and had a day off here and there. Come the last day of school before the holidays he came down with temp,cough ,runny nose, conjunctivitis,ear infection and too top it all off he got the stomach bug which made him vomit constantly and he aslo got the runs.
Needless to say i got it too. so we spent most of the 2 week break sleeping and in hospital.
I wish you and your family all the best and a speedy recovery to you all :slight_smile:

Well you could think of it as the year started off really crappy so it probably won’t get any worse. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about your ankle, hope it gets better soon, and everyone else! We too had that stomach bug about the week before Christmas. That was soooo not fun. We picked it up at a company Christmas party. :help:

:passedout: oh my… you have to be exhausted… I hope you and your family feel better soon:hug: !!

My family was sick during Dec/beg of Jan and I’ll be so glad when I can open my windows for good and let the fresh air in :teehee:

:hug: :hug: that’s terrible!! I truely hope you start to feel better soon!! and your family all gets well soon!!

:hug:I hope everyone will feel better soon! It sounds really rough, all the viruses. I think they’re hitting so bad because the antibiotics are not working anymore, each year there’s a new mutation of flu. Here everyone are sick too. I spent a week in bed with a little fever, constant cough and general feeling of being run over by an elephant.
Big hugs and wishing everyone a healthy year :hug:

:grphug: :grphug: For you. What a bummer. I had a rough couple of months this fall with my son. It really is a bummer when it seems you can’t keep up. This fall my 2 yo son broke his arm, a week later it had to be reset because it didn’t heal, the next week we had to se the pedi for a chronic cough (turned out to be a sinus infection), 2 weeks later the cast came off, 1 week after that he had the croup and was sick for over 2 weeks, and I ended up really sick. Boy it can be tough! I kept thinking the entire time that having kids was much harder than anyone ever tells you! We averaged 1 doctors appointment a week for almost 2 months. And our insurance is so crappy we are still paying for the arm. But oh well, guess we just get on with it right? Maybe someday you will look back at it and laugh, at least thats what everyone told me! Take care of yourself, and hope you and your kids are feeling better! Use your down time to knit, that always makes me feel better :muah:

:hug: You really have been a trooper! I can’t imagine having to deal with all of that and then hurt my ankle! I hope you all heal soon.

One thing I thought of when I was reading your post is that maybe you should change all the tooth brushes in the house. I had a recurring sore throat last winter. On one of my Dr visits she asked if I had changed my toothbrush recently and when I said no she suggested it strongly. So I did and my sore throat was gone. I am 99% sure I was reinfecting myself every time I brushed my teeth.

Good advice Holly!

Awww I feel for you!:grphug: it is hard enough caring for everyone else and then you get hurt!
I like Holly’s idea of new toothbrush’s!
I had the stomach thing so bad the 2nd week of December I had to pull the car over a couple of times and then thought I might have to cancel my trip to see my newborn granddaughter…thankfully I got better in time!
It drives me nuts that people can be so inconsiderate and spread their germs…if someone is sick and HAS to be around people at least give them a heads up, don’t hug and kiss and keep your hands washed!:doh:
I hope your ankle is getting better


Wow…it’s a shame we can’t rustle up four suits of armor for you guys! I’m so sorry you’ve had it so rough! Maybe all the well-wishing here will ward off anymore bad bugs/accidents! Hope you are all in tip-top shape, soon!:hug:

Demonica, you hit on one of my biggest pet peeves! People that go out on public or attend functions even though they are sick. Why is it some people call in sick for work but still go out??? Also mothers and fathers that choose to take their children out for social event when they are sick! :mad:
Where I come from, when one is sick, one stays away from others out of respect until they are better.

Anyway, I hope you are much better and having a much more relaxing second half of January.:cool:

ugh! yes, new toothbrushes, clean sheets, open all the windows for a few minutes to air out the house. Yuck. So sorry to hear about it all. Also, a sprain often hurts more than a break, so take it easy (yeah, right!?)

:hug: Here’s hoping you all feel better real soon!