Just got my Knit Picks order!

It was my first order and I am so excited! The colors are so pretty. I now have so much to do! I can’t wait to go home and start my brother’s hat. Of course, first I will have to pick up DD, play, make dinner, play, give DD bath, play and put her to bed first.


PS. Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Tuesday.

So, do tell! What did you order?

YEA!!! glad you got!!

WOTA for a felted yoga bag (5 colors).

Andean Treasure for hat (3 colors).

Alpaca Cloud for airy scarf (2 colors).

Elegance for fingerless gloves (1 color)

Merino Style on backorder for teeny legwarmers for 14 month old.

I better get busy.

Andean Treasure is one of my favorite Knitpicks yarns. I love it when my orders arrive, it’s like Christmas morning, except I can have it any time of the year!

Candi, we LOVE pics of new stash!!

:cheering: YAY!!! congrats on the haul!!! :cheering:

:inlove: ooooh those sound so sweet! pls post pics!!! :inlove:

I did the airy scarf with Alpaca Cloud…it was very nice :smiley:
Nice score…pics please :wink:

Sorry, I haven’t taken pics of the stash. I started on the hat for my brother and the Andean Treasure is too thin to use on its own (#9 needle) to get the gauge for the pattern. Going up a needle size would have made it too flimsy, so I am using a double strand. The bottom of the hat will be light gray and dark gray and the top will be orange. Have to order more orange (sunset). Thought it might look better if the bottom of the hat was orange and the top two grays, but I was too impatient to wait for another skein of orange.

Promise to post pics when and if projects are ever completed.