Just Got My First



I just got my first pair of ADDI’S in the mail! Love Em!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

I LOVE MY ADDI’S TOO:woot: I’ll never buy anything else.

I only have one pair… I flinched a little at the price tag when I bought them but every time I knit with them I’m reminded that they are worth every penny. Love them!!

Yeah, I love mine, too. I can’t afford to buy them though except on rare occasions so I’m going to get the Options which are very similar, but pointier.

I buy all my addi’s on ebay, you can get a SUPER deal. I just received 6 pair in the mail this week, paid $34.00 for SIX!!!

I bet you are excited. :woot:I remember getting my first pair.:woot: Enjoy them.

Ginny care to share your connection. :flirt:

[B]You bet I am! I got these from " GetKnitty" on E-Bay for next to nothing![/B]


[B]Thanks Ginny![/B]