Just got my first Harmonies!

And some sock yarn from knitpicks! :slight_smile: I’m so excited, I want to start my socks NOW! Sadly, I’m at work, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer. :frowning:


You lucky girl… Hope I get mine for Christmas x

I got a set for my birthday and they are fantastic!!

I can’t wait to get mine… I ordered size 10 interchangeable to go with my Options set. :0)

I’m so happy for you! I just recently got my Options and am lobbying for the Harmonies too! LOL

Stupid work, gets in the way of so many things!:!!!:

My mom is having me do her Christmas shopping for her (health issues) and thanks to my wonderful taste, she’s giving me the whole set.:wink: The downside is that they just arrived today, and are sitting here just waiting for me to open them…but I have to wrap them and wait till Christmas!!! I’m just dying to cheat!

Aw, when mine asked me what I wanted for Christmas and told me to order them, she also added that they have to stay under the tree til we open presents :frowning: Wish Christmas came quicker…

I know exactly how you feel … I told my MIL I wanted the new Lace and Eyelets book by Harmony. She couldn’t find it, but I did … so I bought it. Told her if she wanted it to wrap for me I’d give it to her. If not, that was fine too … hoping she’d say she already got something else (on my list). But noooooooooo … I have to give it her to wrap. UGH!!! LOL On the up side, I’d much rather know I’m getting that than something else she picks up. She is notorious for getting me any old thing just to say she’s finished.

Um… just pull out a set for the current project you are working on… :wink: There’s enough cables and points that… they’d never notice! :teehee:

:roflhard: My thoughts exactly!!! Nonknitters would never know!

Actually that’s a great idea. Think I’m gonna be sneaky, cause I realllly want my hands on those Options!