Just got back from the doctor

and I was told I have Peptic Ulcers. I’ve had horrible gnawing pain in my upper abdomen for a while now that radiated to my back under my left shoulder blade. I actually got so scared once I went to the emergency room. My doctor finally diagnosed it as Peptic Ulcer Disease! :sad: So now I have to cut all the things I love out of my diet. Especially coffee :waah: And Mason, don’t even suggest replacing it with beer because that’s a big no no too :waah: :waah:

The thing is I know my diet has been really bad as of late. I am running all the time and eat here and there and usually badly. I know I can be much much better. I just need a kick in the but (and a drill sgnt maybe). Anybody KH members who feel up to the task feel free to do the kicking!

Evona, here is a big :hug: for you. It’s good that you went to see your doctor, a lot of people just ignore this type of pain.

The good news is that after a while, with proper diet and medication, you might be able to start working in some coffee, and a few of the other things he doesn’t want you to have now. My DH had a peptic ulcer, brought on by stress and h pylori (I believe both, because there were so many rotten things going on in our lives at that time). He went back to coffee and a few other things after about six months. Did your doc put you on an antibiotic? That should help.

Take good care of yourself!

Thanks Debcks! He put me on Nexium for now and told me to call back in a about a week to tell him how I was doing with the medicine and the diet. He did talk about putting me on an antibiotic if I don’t start feeling better with the medicine and diet. I think mine has to do with stress too. Of course stress leads to a bad diet and the vicious circle begins, but I hate this pain. I was also so scared because my grandmother died of stomach cancer and my uncle had stomach cancer. Being diagnosed with a peptic ulcer was sort of a whew moment. So now I really want to do better so I can get better and hopefully never get anything more serious.

They did an upper GI series or gastroscopy test to diagnose this right? Not just “yep, you sound like you have ulcers”? If not, go to someone who will. The symptoms of peptic ulcers can mask a lot of other things.
I had ulcers through college and occasionally get them now if I take too many OTC sinus meds. One thing you don’t want to do is take alot of OTC pain meds like Advil, Aspirin or Tylenol, they will definately affect you. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh man, that sounds a lot like the pain I get in my abdomen…I really only get it when I’m super stressed out and it feels like there’s a hand in my abdomen that just wrings my insides and once it hits its peak, the pain lessens, and, just as the pain lessens, I feel that horrible gnawing/wringing pain again. It feels worse when I haven’t eaten anything and when I do eat something, it seems to make the pain go away. I had always attributed it to stress and not eating when I should, maybe I should talk to my Dr.

:hug: for you!

Thanks!!! and yes - I had the whole shebang done (blech)!

I had been taking Advil when I go backpacking or when I have a heavy hiking day to avoid not being able to move the next day. He told me I should not take it to prevent the pain. I know that seems self evident, but when you’re in the woods and you know you need to walk x number of miles the next day to get out its tempting to take the thing before you go to sleep so you can actually get up in the morning. I’m not in my 20s anymore - know what I mean. I start a week long backpacking trip on Saturday too, but I’ll be good.

Its never a bad thing to discuss any pain your having with your doctor. My pain radiated to my left shoulder. I actually went to the hospital once fearing I was having a heart attack. Everything came out fine on the cardio side of things and I told myself I just can’t go on like this anymore. In retrospect I waited way too long thinking the same things you did. After a while I started getting really fearful about what could be causing it though and of course that created more stress, etc etc . . .lol Better to just go and get it looked at before you freak yourself out :roflhard:

:hug: I’m glad you know what is going on now…sorry about no more coffee…dh had a scare in Dec with his heart…and he had to give up caffeine…he is a HUGE coffee drinker and he says decaf just isn’t the same :teehee:

Agreed!!! :wall:

Listen, here is an old lady’s perspective. I had to have emergency colon surgery in October because of diverticulitis/peritonis developed when it burst and I didn’t know I even had it until the peritonitis almost killed me. Anyway, I had to have an ostomy bag all these months, which is a pain in the tush to deal with and sometimes a nightmare to travel with. I have to carefully watch what I eat so as not to irritate the colon so that it doesn’t happen again, anything with caffeine is bad along with all soft drinks because the carbonation causes gas problems. With all that being said, I am alive and that is enough for me. I almost died over this as you could have if you had left it untreated. So look at it as a way that you protected your life. So you have to give up things, you are still here with us and can still knit up a storm and love your family and friends. I have always and will continue to have the outlook that there is always someone off worse than I so I should feel blessed, which I do. You have lots of friends here to help you in your struggles! Good luck to you always!


Thank you so so much Nonny for your encouragement :heart:

After my ucler was cured I was able to return to coffee, about two cups only, and ‘with’ food, never on an empty stomach. Too much acid, I guess. Anyway, take care of yourself, follow the doc’s orders and you will be just fine in no time. At least with medicine today they don’t make you live on baby food and mashed potatoes…!!

Thanks Wanda!

That’s so true about modern medicine. My father had ulcers and only stayed on the restricted diet for short periods of time. He said he’d rather take the consequences than not live life while he has it. Unfortunately, as he got older he developed coronary heart disease and had to take blood thinners which caused a bleeding ulcer so bad he had to have a blood transfusion. No way I’m going down that road! I loved my dad and he died when I was only 24 , mostly because he didn’t take good care of himself. He was so smart about so many things, but just not that. I remember making a promise to take care of myself so my kids wouldn’t have to worry about me like I did with my dad. I know that there are no guarantees in life, but I better start keeping that promise.:slight_smile:

shot in the dark here but google peptic ulcer and manuka honey have heard it help

[SIZE=2]Hi Evona! [SIZE=1]Last year I went through months of pain resulting in my doctor telling me to get a endoscopy. (they put a tube down your throat and look around with their little camera) Turns out I had esophogitis, an acid related thing that had burned my esophagus. How this happened? I hurt my back really bad and I was taking ADVIL all the time. But in addition I had a passion for tomato juice which I drank every morning, then coffee, (then, I shouldn’t tell you this part… scotch & orange juice at night) ACID OVERLOAD

But the reason I’m telling you this is I had to give up coffee which I love. Well, after after everything got back to normal, I find I can have the occasional tomato juice but I started drinking TEA big time. Not just Lipton’s, I got into teapots & different teas, Ceylon Breakfast, English & Irish Breakfast, Chai… I drink it with milk and honey and I LOVE IT. I can’t believe it, when I take a sip of my dh’s coffee it tastes wretched! Tea is so refreshing and thirst quenching in the morning. But you have to (very important) buy good tea or it tastes like dirt. Loose tea preferably.

Oh yeah, and Advil turns out to be a real culprit. What a surprise. Turns out Tylenol is ok.

Also, do you do sugar much? I cut out all sugar and only use honey. I would think sugar would hurt you a lot…
So. There’s my 2 cents and hat’s off to you Nonny, you went through a lot to put it lightly.

oh and don’t forget the magic of YOGURT! HA HA
It’s true.

excuse my large type, my eyes are getting really bad sometimes