Just gave My Mom A Knitting Lesson

Yeah, I’m a rookie knitter, but my Mom who has done crochet for many years wanted to learn to knit. I just got back from giving her a quick lesson in the knit and purl stitches.

Naturally she understood it immediately and I’m sure she’ll pass me up in no time. But it was kinda fun to teach her something like knitting.

Good for you!! :slight_smile: I taught my mom to knit, too! However, she refuses to learn to purl. :pout:

That is pretty cool! I have the reverse situation, sort of. I’ve crocheted since I was a child although my son taught himself to knit. He inspired me to try it and through this forum and Amy’s video’s along with my son’s direction, I’m knitting. Now, my conversations with my son always flow to talk about knitting projects, etc… Its always nice to have a hobby in common.

That’s awesome. Over break, I tried to teach my mom to knit. It was…amusing. :teehee: I’m going to try again over summer break. Last time, we spent most of the “lesson” on the long tail cast on, so next time, I’ll just show her the backwards loop cast-on, so we can get to actually knitting faster.

My mom knits, but all she does is garter stitch scarves in Lion Brand Homespun. Seriously. I’m going to teach her some new stuff when we get together next…

That’s wonderful! It’s nice to have something in common like that isn’t it!?

My mom wants to learn, but she’s left-handed and claims that she can’t knit the same way I do because of that. She can crochet, though, but she can’t teach me because of the whole left-handed/right-handed thing. Seriously, she couldn’t even teach me to tie my shoes when I was little, my friend’s mom did :slight_smile:

That’s interesting, I’m strongly left-handed and knit standard English or Continental. I learned English style as a child from my also left-handed mother. But apparently some left-handers find Continental easier.
If you want to learn crochet from her, you could try watching her hands in a mirror.
She could learn to knit English from you the same way, but I think knitting that way requires difficult conversion of patterns.


Both my parents are lefties, and I’m a rightie (MORE PROOF THAT I WAS SWITCHED AT BIRTH!), and my Dad taught me to tie my shoes. It was painful. I still tie them funky. And I can’t do the bunny ears method for the life of me. I also can’t do it from the other side…I have to put my sisters in my lap or crouch behind them to tie their shoes.

I tried to teach my mom to knit and failed miserably… :shrug:

:hug: Aww KG, that’s great!
My mom sort of knows how to knit from when she was little so since I have been into it so crazy she gets a kick out of it. She made scarves for some gals at work a few Xmas’ ago and then for my nephew’s first birthday (he’s a Dec 25th baby) she made him a santa scarf and I made him a santa hat) :heart:

ps… from the other thread about the military…KG, you mentioned you were a vet…just want to say THANK YOU :hug:

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Thanks, I appreciate that.[/quote]

I ditto that… THANK YOU!! I know when the Vets here set up for fund raisers they always thank me for giving but when I say no we thank you the look on their face is always the same… shock… that someone actually said thank you… it always makes me sad that they don’t hear it daily…

I taught my mom the basics… I walked her through several scarves and a pair of bed socks… everytime she would make a mistake though she would wait for me to come home to fix it… wouldn’t let me show her how to fix the problem or even walk her through it on the phone… she signed up for a knitting class and has ordered options from KH… she told the teacher I figured you would make me learn how to fix my mistakes :rofl: she just ordered the KP bag set today too… and she says she doesn’t like to knit just does it for us to have something to do together… I don’t belive that anymore… :teehee:


I am trying to teach my aunt to knit something other than garter stitch scarves .She had the knit stitch down when we started so I showed her the purl stitch she got that fine but she is resisting my attempts to get her to try a simple pattern.I will get her hooked if it kills me!!! She needs that feeling of accomplishment after you comlete your first pattern to catch the “bug”.

That’s so cool you taught her. Actually, my oldest step daughter is the one who taught me how to knit. Plus, she got her sister knitting so it’s a HUGE family thing now. At Christmas, you should have seen all the yarn and knitting fun things we had for each other! :happydance:

That’s very cool. I taught my brother at Christmas and despite my being right handed and him being left handed, he was a natural. I wanted to strangle him, it was so easy for him. He kept saying, “I don’t get it, I don’t know what I’m doing” and I kept saying, “Well, you just did another perfect stitch so just keep doing that.”

I think if I had sent him home with some needles and yarn he would have kept up. He’s mentioned it a few times since, and when he said he wasn’t sure if he could even remember how, I gave him this website!

Great job!

I taught one of my daughters to knit. She taught her sister to knit. Now they have both learned more and done techniques I have not, and I sometimes go to them to have them show me something! It’s a wonderful circle.

Mama Bear