Just found the forum again after to many years

I used to come on here most days and loved it. My computer died and I didn’t remember what the forum was called. Im glad to say hello again

Susi xx

Welcome back! What’cha knittin’?

I hope you’re having better weather there than I am here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. It’s chilly, gray, rainy…drizzmal.

Welcome back, Susi!! :thumbsup:

Until this afternoon I was knitting a hooded jacket for my 10 year old. My 3 year old pulled it off the needles.

As it drove me mad I decided not to start over. I’m making a toy rabbit.

I haven’t had time to Mae much recently as I’ve only just moved back to England from France (sorry for you to say this but the weathers been great here this weekend, makes a chance being a bank holiday)


I’m glad you’re having good weather. I recently finished Henry’s Rabbit. It was a fun knit. I didn’t like the stuffing just in the knitted body so I used knee high nylons inside the body, head, and other parts before stuffing it. I’ve been told it needs fangs to be Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit. I dunno.

I spoke to soon with the weather, it realised this is england and is now throwing it down lol.

This is the kitty I’m knitting WWW.justjen-knitandstitches.blogspot.com

I love your bunny, he’s really cute.

I’m looking for a ferret and zebra pattern next.a friend told me that her 10 year old daughter turns 11 in 3 weeks and loves zebras and ferrets.


Oops! Your link didn’t work, Susis. Can you repost it?

There are some adorable zebra patterns on Rav, and this one in particular is cute . . . and free!

And how interesting: When you look up “ferret” on Ravelry, you not only get patterns for knit and crocheted ferrets, but you also get . . . . . . ferret garments. Who knew ferrets needed clothing? And wait for it . . . . a hammock? And a hat–really?–but there, right there in a photograph is a ferret wearing a hat!

I tell ya, you learn something new every day!