Just for fun-If money was no object

There is a yarn/knitting show in my area this weekend. And it got me to thinking-what would I really like?

So-If money was no object. What would you buy yourself knitting related?

Here is my list;

A ball winder. Cause I do all my yarn into balls by hand.
HiyaHiya double points in steel in the sizes I don’t have now.

Of course, I’m sure I’ll find other tempting items once I go to the show.

I would buy a magnificent circular set… and then buy some ridiculously expensive yarn to knit myself something… for once.

Pay for a knitting class, to teach me how to knit socks, sweaters, hats etc. Plus tons of yarn and bins to store the yarn in. :smiley:

I bought two plastic drawer type storage bins and it’s still not enough. My hubby just sighed and said he’ll get to working on the cubbies I really want as soon as it’s warm enough in his shop.

I’d open a yarn store! :woot:

Belphoebe, hey I like a gal that thinks big.

Angela, I got a set of Hiyahiya interchangables at Christmas. The sets aren’t all that expensive. Even the Addis, if you save up for them.

N0obknitter, with all the videos out there on the internet, you can learn almost any knitting technique at home.

See, we won’t let money stand in our way.

I’d probably buy some really thick fluffy pretty non-wool yarn and a place to put my partial projects. Oh yeah and a ton of tools that aren’t needles. lol

I would buy some Addis since my needles are all Bates metal or Clover bamboo along with some really expensive yarn that I can’t afford on my budget.

A herd of buffalo. Some alpaca. The land for them and a spinning wheel.

I’ve learned everything from videos online… and I think I’m doin’ pretty well :oD

If money was no object I would like the yarn store and Mike’s idea. I hear buffalo yarn is very expensive but alpaca yarn is affordable if you go to www.lavishfibres.com I got some yarn from this place after I got it on ebay for a song and the prices on their site is just as affordable. Time would be my best wish. All the time to spend in my shop knitting and crocheting and selling yarn to do buy more stuff!

Originally Posted by [B]Abby123[/B]
N0obknitter, with all the videos out there on the internet, you can learn almost any knitting technique at home.

True that is how I learned a lot, but some are not that visual and need/like hands on direct help. In addition in a class you can meet a lot of nice people and have a very nice social time. And if money is no issue why not have the top people in that style of knitting come to your home for some one-on-one training.

I think I would do better with someone showing me how to do it in person, you know? My mom taught me how to do Continental, the videos were more of a refresher if that makes sense.

One of everything !

I would buy a swift and a set of circulars :mrgreen:

i would buy vicuna
probably spelt wrong
yarn from small llamas in peru


Yep, I’ve got to agree with you on this one!!

if money was no option id buy lots of this in all colors http://www.artbeads.com/swarovski-crystal-yarn-cotton.html oh and these

I love Artbeads!! $1 shipping to Canada! :woot:

I would have to say if money weren’t an object, I would first update my laundry area to be a proper dying station! A stainless steel washtub, a small stove area for heating dye pots, some really nice drying racks. And all other dying supplies!

A spinning wheel, an angora rabbit - Knitpicks Options set. A pile of Misty Alpaca and Malbrigo lace 1ply. A pile of sock yarn. A lifetime of free knitting time, + every new movie/tv show I could want to watch while knitting. Not to mention a personal trainer to motivate me to get off the couch for at least an hour a day and work out, so I can look good on the couch while knitting!

Money not being an object, I would buy ALL my fibre off Mike, so I wouldn’t have to do any of the dirty work with the Buffalo/Alpaca/sheeps!!