Just finished The Friday Night Knitting Club

Has anyone else read this? I found myself bored thru most of the book. Maybe the movie version will be better. Comments?

:waving: I found it very boring… I hope the movie is better… :teehee:

I’m just starting it and I like it so far.

i am going to buy that book is it that bad???

I don’t want to discourage anyone from buying a book–another passion of mine. I purchased mine thru Amazon.com and read all the comments (good and bad) before deciding.

I got mine at the library… so you might wanna try there first and see… I always do this and then if I like the book I go back and purchase it :teehee:

I’m waiting for it to come in at the library. I just checked…I’m number 2 on the list now…down from like 15. Been waiting awhile. :teehee:

For some reason, I envision this book as a cross between Friday Night Magic and Fight Club, but with a lot of yarn. I don’t think that’s right, though. :roflhard:

Mine is from the library – like I said, so far, so good – but I haven’t gotten very far with my reading – I have an entrelac project that I am obsessively knitting on.

From what I’ve read, I like the writing style. I have been having trouble concentrating on anything I read these days and when I find something that I can get through easily, I’m happy.

I like the character descriptions and I like the opening page which begins: " Choosing your wool is dizzying with potential: The waves of colors and textures tempt with visions of a sweater or cap (and all the accompanying compliments you hope to receive) but don’t reveal the hard work required to get there. . . ."

So far the descriptions of the shop make me wish it existed and I could get there.

I’ll let you know if I still like the book after a few more chapters!


I was disappointed with the book. I agree with the posts that suggest getting it from the library.

I have this very annoying habit-------I have to read any book I buy! :shrug: If I borrow it from the library, I feel free to return it after giving the author a fair chance. I paid $$$ for this one!!! :verysad:

I read it. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t expecting a literary experience. It moved slow in the beginning but once she got her characters built it was more enjoyable.

Now if anyone wants to read the book and not buy it I have mine to loan–kinda like a traveling book. I can ship it, you read, write your thoughts inside the book and pass it along to the next person. Last person sends back to me. Just a thought.

I 'd love to be first in line :wink: