Just finished: rat hammock.

We have two rats, and they love hanging nets and hammocks, so for my first completed project was a hammock for them. Its hardly perfect, and my purls and knits aren’t even, but I’m proud of it. I’ll post pictures later, if anyone wants to see.


Welcome to the forum!
Congrats on completing that first project. Of course, we’d love to see a photo. It might even be a first.

Yes please post would love to see a picture.

Here we go:its both knit and purl, size 5 bamboo needles, cotton yarn. I’m not sure of the weight, I just picked it out of my fiance’s yarn bin. I have a partial pic of one of them in it, but he was more into getting riding time that keeping his face in camera.


Looks comfy and nicely knit. Hope it’s a success with the loungers!

Looks like he’s enjoying it.

That’s really cute! Would love to see the rat napping in it! :slight_smile:


Me too!!!

I hope the rats see the utility of the comfort and don’t view it as a clever snack. But wouldn’t want to make it toxic for them either.