Just finished my first cables!

Wow, I feel so accomplished, a new technique mastered!! As a relatively new knitter I’m so proud of myself. It’s a pretty easy hat knitted on circs (although I’ve found bamboo circs and acrylic yarn don’t really “flow” if you know what I mean!)

Once again thanks to Amy for this site and the wonderful videos. Watched the cable demo and no more fear!! Amy, you rock. :smiley:

Congratulations!! I know that feeling. :!:

Have you decided what new technique you’re going to learn now?

That is great!! 8)

I have to ask…did you carry it around and stroke it for a good day or 2? or am I the only one who did that with my first cable work? :?

I haven’t stopped!!! Am I supposed to??? LOLOL. I’ve been showing EVERYBODY!

The first one I made was on some armwarmers…and I found myself putting my hands to my face more often. :shock: I am such a loser knitting knerd. :lol:

Oshn - post a picture! I’m working on a vest with cables. It’s not a really complicated pattern or anything, just a bit slow because of the having to think instead of just straight purling or knitting. I keep having to fix my mistakes. But when I get finished, I’ll post a pic.

Haven’t seen people posting many pics of their work!


Congratulations oshnpashn! I know how you feel! I just finished my first cable project, the Irish Hiking Scarf!

Jouf, I post all my pics on my blog, but I’d love to see other peoples work here!

Wow, people actually want to see my work!!! :smiley: When my digital gets recharged and I can get to the computer at home I’ll post. I am really surprised it worked out so well. Confession, had to rip about 5 rows when I first started. Guess that’s what I get for knitting at 5am on a Saturday!!!

Oh, Oshn, five rows is nothing. I make SOOO many mistakes. Am I dense or what? I’m doing a very simple cabled vest and every time I go to the wrong side I see where I purled a knit stitich or something. My crochet hook is my best friend.

Egregia - all those cables - do you use a cable needle or are you doing it the other way? I’m doing it the other way on my vest. And you’re right, I have seen your pics on your blog, and they are BEAUTIFUL. Up for the sock boot camp starting this weekend? Or are you way beyond that!


ROFLOL – I did carry my first cable around and stroke it and show it to everyone!! I actually got PO’ed at my hubby who just gave it a passing glance and a little fake smile and a “what is that supposed to be” Non knitters just can’t understand … hehe


Heya Jouf, ya I’m up for the sock thang! Have done socks before so it won’t be too hard but I’m interested in his technique (i.e never use another pattern again!)

Just bought some bargain yarn at my LYS tonight and I’m so excited! I’m going to do some slippers for my husband so he’d better like them! I may also make some slippers out of the Storm Aran I have for myself. Of course, I told myself no new projects until I’m done the blanket and the cardigan!!

The scarf I did was pretty easy actually, what a relief! I used a cable needle but found it was a very quick knit. I am going to do another one for my dad so!

Holly, you’re right! A lot of men here ask me why knit when you can just get it in the shops?! Like they just don’t appreciate the hard work and love that goes into a handknit project! The only reason my husband likes his scarf (so he says) is that he can brag how warm he is on site when the other lads are freezing! But deep down I know he’s just full of pride and appreciation for my handiwork…snicker.

Congrats on the cable! I’m about to do my first one thanks to Amy.
Just been playing around with a scarf that has different sections, including seed stitch for the first time which I love.

I want to post some pix, and tried yesterday. It didn’t go through. I read Amy’s FAQs and… i dunno. Guess I’ll check the size of the picture maybe that was it but I can’t imagine it’s too big coz the picture of the sweet little girls is much bigger and also Amy’s pix are real big. I think it would be neat to see pictures of what people are working on/finished…

any advice? what the heck, I’ll try it again right now…

Oooohhhh kayyy, I see, allowed size is 256 KB and my picture is
578 KB. Hm. NOw I’ll go away and try to figure how to reduce it (which is done automatically in an email).


You can edit the picture in an art program (I love Adobe Photoshop) and resize it. You can also alter the quality of the picture (by changing the number of pixels). This doesn’t have too much of an effect of the image imo and can save a lot of room.

Good luck!

Lots of cablers here I see LOL. It was really fun. And finally the hat is finished, just hope whoever gets likes it!!

Thanks belderaan for the info on pictures. will give it a go… you have to see this stash