Just finished a pair of socks while recovering from an operation



I knitted these in hand dyed “Uncommon Thread” sock yarn which has 80% blue faced Leicester and 20% nylon, using a free vintage pattern I found on the net. I ran out before the end so finished off the toes in a different colour. They seem denser and less stretchy than bought machine-made socks but they fit quite well and are comfortable. I have now started a pair with the second colour. These will be simpler - 1x1 rib and stockinette only. I found the knitting process to be highly therapeutic as it gave me something to focus on while I was relatively immobile following my heart bypass operation. It also helped me steady my fingers which had developed a slight tremor as a side effect of one of the drugs I was on.


Perfectly beautiful socks, Nigel. These are so well done, and I like the toe finishing and color combination.
I’m glad that you’re recovering and it hope your back to all your customary routine and then some. That’s quite an operation to come through. Best wishes to you and your family.

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Hope you are feeling better. I can empathize with you because 7years ago i also had a quadruple bypass. Oh and by the way the socks look great

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