Just curious

I’m looking over the projects I want to do to decide what’s next. I came across instructions that always bother me - this part of the pattern is knit back and forth:

“Continuing in stockinet st, work an increase row on each of the next 5 right side rows, as follows: k2, kfb, knit to last 3 sts, kfb, k2. [B]Purl one row, casting on 10 sts at the end of the row[/B].”

Is the purl row (in bold above) a second purl row, or just the purl row after the last increase knit row?

I always doubt myself when I see similar instructions to this although I usually just do it ‘in pattern’ as it were. Just want to confirm…

It’s the purl row after the increase row which is knit, so you’ll still be working in stockinette.

Thanks. That’s what I thought, but then that little niggling doubt came in and kept bothering me LOL