Just curious (nosy)

If you were going to subscribe to a knitting magazine, which one would it be?
Mine would be Family Circle Easy Knitting.

What’s your favourite yarn to use?
Mine is Paton’s Shetland Chunky.

What kind of needles do you like best [aluminum, bamboo, plastic, wood (what kind)]?
I have two plastic pairs (not bad), many aluminum pairs(nice and smooth easy to use) and one bamboo circular that my LYS is letting me borrow to see if I like them before buying (so far nice, but they don’t glide very well from cord to needle).

What was your favourite project?
I’m still in the middle of mine. It’s a hat for my husband. Easy, quick (would be if I could get more than five minutes to knit) and I know he’ll like it.

If you were only going to buy from one on-line source which one would you choose?
I haven’t bought on-line yet. It’s hard to find a store that will ship to Canada and still give decent shipping prices. Not always worth it once you add the exchange rates and shipping.

See, Nosy!! :shock: :lol:

Knitting Magazine~ Family Circle Easy Knitting :smiley:

Favorite Yarn~ Alpaca soooo soft and I don’t get to use it very often :frowning:

Needles~It depends on the yarn I’m using some I like my bamboos, some my boyes are fine, and then some I need the turbos :thumbsup:

Favorite Project~ :thinking: I’m not sure but usually its anything that makes me think I get bored with other patterns although then I usually spend most of my :XX: time :frog: but when I do finish it :cheering: :happydance:

Online Source~I’ve only bought from one and thats Knitpicks :smiley:

Hey Ilikesoup welcome to the forum not being nosy at all great way to meet everyone :thumbsup:

Knitting Magazine~ I have no clue which one I would choose.

Favorite Yarn~ this one’s tough. Right now, I’m loving Cherry tree hill supersock yarn, and Jagger Spun Zephyr yarn.

Needles~ when my arthritis is acting up, I prefer my bamboo needles, but the rest of the time I love my aluminum ones, I love how easily the yarn slides on aluminum. I also love my plastic needles.

Favorite Project~ I love most of what I make. right now I’m in love with making bags and socks, as well as my peacock feathers shawl I’ve got going.

Online Source~ i have 3 favorites here. Knitpicks, elann and kaleidoscope yarns ( kyarns.com ).

If you were going to subscribe to a knitting magazine, which one would it be?
Family Circle East Knitting… I’m been a subscriber for about 6 months

What’s your favourite yarn to use?
Rowan Worsted… My favorite ‘cheap’ yarn is WOTA

What kind of needles do you like best [aluminum, bamboo, plastic, wood (what kind)?
Turbi Addis all the way… I really HATE bamboo, can’t stand plastic (RESSSSINNNN for KellyK), aluminum is O.K. for straight needles.

What was your favorite project?
Hudson Bay Afghan, Irish Hiking Scarf, Fiber Trends Clogs

If you were only going to buy from one on-line source which one would you choose?
Knit Picks, with Smileys as a distant second

Hey Illikesoup!!

Don’t have any answers to your questions (too new of a knitter!!), but just wanted to say hello, since we’re from the same neck of the woods (more or less…), so…

Hello!!! :smiley:

Magazine hands down Vogue Knitting

Favorite Yarn that’s like asking which child is my fave…LOL…it changes all of the time, my fave yarn, not child…LOL! At the present my faves are South West Trading Co. yarns that are made from bamboo & soy…tomorrow it could be something different :wink:

Needles Addi’s…without a doubt my fave :thumbsup:
But, I also love Inox & Susan Bates & my Denises… :wink:

Project SOCKS, of course! But, right now my faves are the accessory ensembles that I am making (scarf or shawl with matching hat, fingerless gloves [gloves soon, I hope], sometimes socks)

Online Source knitpicks, of course…then we have www.kpixie.com and www.elann.com and www.patternworks.com and www.yarn-store.com and www.simplysockyarn.com … to name a few :wink:

LOL…I am the queen of nosy, so…nosy is not a problem :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

My favorite magazine right now is Interweave Knits, and my favorite online magazine is Knitty.com

My favorite yarn? Hmmmm too many to choose from, but I prefer natural fibers like wools, alpaca, etc. I just bought some merino wool roving that I can’t wait to spin and knit with. I’m very quickly running from novelty yarns these days, they’re just not for me.

My favorite needles are my Denise’s but I’m loving my Brittney’s and I’m really hoping to get some Lantern Moon needles for Christmas. (I dropped a big ol’ hint to DH - if you count showing him wear the needles were on my KP wish list)

Favorite project, well, I’ve really enjoyed hats lately. But I loved how well my Backyard Leaves scarf turned out, and I can’t wait to do my first sweater.

Favorite online source for yarn would have to be KnitPicks, just because that’s the only place I’ve ordered yarn from. The shipping has always been very quick and I’ve always been happy with what I’ve received. And good prices too!

Magazine Knitters

Favorite YarnMerino

Needles Denises and bamboo

Project felted bags!!!

Online SourceKnitpicks, duh!!!

If you were going to subscribe to a knitting magazine, which one would it be? Either Yarn (new Australian Mag) or Simply Knitting (UK Mag)

What’s your favourite yarn to use? There’s a fine 4ply merino that I get from my LYS which is dreamy soft, comes in great colours, and has over 300m in one skein for under AUS$10!!!

What kind of needles do you like best [aluminum, bamboo, plastic, wood (what kind)]? Depends on the yarn I’m using. For 100% wool, I like my Addi T’s or my Interchangeables, for slippery stuff, I like my bamboo.

What was your favourite project? I don’t have enough FO’s to have a favourite one, but I love knitting bags and whimsies :smiley:

If you were only going to buy from one on-line source which one would you choose? Well, my LYS also does online shopping, so probably them, but they’re so close to my work I’m in there most days anyway (going in to pick up a lovely silk/rayon blend today). I’d love to buy from Knitpicks, but they don’t ship to Australia :frowning:

magazine - knitty.com. I don’t know anything at all about knitting mags.

yarn - I like working with natural fibers or with natural blends. I love, love, love Rowan Polar, which has been discontinued. :crying:

needles - Am totally in love with my Addi Turbos.

project - I’m shocked to discover that I really enjoy doing hats. Which is a good thing, since apparently I’m going to keep redoing a pair of cotton toddler hats until I’ve perfected them… I also really liked making myself a yummy scarf with Rowan Polar (embellished with some silk ribbon run through two columns of stitches).

online source - Knitpicks, yarnmarket, and Numei

It’s fun to see everyone’s answers. Thanks for starting this thread. :thumbsup:

mag: Interweave Knits (I’m getting a subscription for Christmas), but I also like Vogue and Rebecca

yarn: Cascade 220, Crystal Palace Deco-ribbon (yes, really), CP Chenille

needles: depends on the yarn - Addi Turbos, CP Bamboo, Denises, aluminum dpns

project: Fuzzy Feet and Flower Face Cloth are tied

online shop: elann.com (they are in the US & Canada, hint, hint); I also appreciate the eBay seller ecclescakes (cucumberpatch uk) - she has good sales and some things are free ship to US or Canada.


Magazine Oh too many, but I don’t subscribe to any and tend to thumb through them at the bookstore rather than buy them.

Yarn Anything that is natural and soft. I like yarns that feel good slipping between my fingers!

Needles My bamboos. I’m particularly fond of my size 6dpn’s

Project Hats. I love making hats. Hats with cables are even better

Online resources Aside from knitpicks for shopping, I love knitty and of course this website! I browse everywhere else. I don’t do much shopping online because I like to feel the wool first. It’s a strangeness of mine :roflhard:

Magazine - Rebecca, even though I don’t own even one copy, I love to drool over them at the LYS. I’m going to get a subscription as a reward when I go down one more size.

Yarn - Definitely Lamb’s Pride. It is so versatile and knits so fast for me. I finally ordered some knitpicks though, so we will see. :slight_smile:

Needles - Denise’s and Addi’s. Oh, and definitely Brittany wood DPN’s for all my DPN work.

Project - Socks. I love to do them, and my daughters love to pick out yarn. I hope that this knitpicks sock yarn works out well.

Online resources - knittingpatterncentral.com and craftster.org. I like craftster cause whenever I search for something, I run into something else that challenges my creativity.

Mine would be FCEK as well. Even though I find the articles in other magazines more informative lately, I’ve made more projects out of FCEK than the others.

What’s your favourite yarn to use?

I haven’t knitted a heck of a lot ot have a favourite yet. I’ve been doing a lot of socks though, and I sure liked knitting with the RH Casual Cot’n for a top I did {most of} in the summer, and need to finish up this week for DHs Christmas Party. For crocheting however, nothing compares to DMC Cebelia!!! :smiley:

What kind of needles do you like best?

I haven’t tried too many, but I know that I don’t like plastic that much at all. 90% of my needles are aluminum… out of necessity! I would like to try some bamboo ones, but wasn’t able to find small enough dpns when I was out shopping this weekend.

What was your favourite project?

For knitting, it’s usually whatever project I’ve got on the front burner at that time. So today that’s socks for Christmas and a HUGE needle scarf! I have to admit that I really enjoyed the knitting part of my RH Casual Cot’n top… it was my first time venturing into making “real” clothes that were supposed to be worn by an adult. For crocheting, it was a quiltghan I did up as a surprise for my DH for Christmas one year. I think it’s the story behind it that makes it my favourite, but the expression on his face Christmas morning is a memory I will never forget!

If you were only going to buy from one on-line source which one would you choose?

The only place I’ve bought online from is when I bought my STR from The Fold. Canadians just don’t seem to be liked very much for online shopping, between exchange, outrageous shipping, not to mention Canada Posts idea of what the FTA means to them :mad: Mainly I window-shop online, and then try to figure out a way to find it here!

waves over the MB/ON border to ilikesoup “howdy neighbour!!!”

we had another thread like this too:


If you would like to see it… :slight_smile:

It’s always good to see peoples opnions however… I’ll bookmark this one too

Already subscribe to INterweave Knits. Its just so…classy

When I win the lottery I will knit exclsively with Manos. Till then I love KnitPicks and cheap but softy brands of Clarks and Coats (or is it Coats and Clark :?? )

Totally bamboo. But sometimes plastics or metals are better for certain yarns

Fan and feather scarf, little toy gnomes ,mittens and more. I just can’t think right now

Totally knitpicks (But I also like Elann, WEBS and patternworks)

Magazine: Knit.1 with a side of Vogue.

Yarn: Impossible! I shamefully really like Lion Boucle, Everything I’ve touched from Knit Picks so far, Misti Alpaca, Noro Silk Garden, and Katia Mississippi 3-Print. Eros Glitz is pretty fab too, and for fur, I dig Berroco Zoom, but not so many colors.

Needles: Inox or Addi, but I also LOVE Brittany Birch and an occasional Clover bamboo.

Project: I am REALLY in love with the Comfort Shawl that I’m in the midst of and I adore felted bags!

I forgot one! I love KnitPicks and love the prices at Wool Needlework and there are sometimes awesome finds at Smiley’s.

If you were going to subscribe to a knitting magazine, which one would it be?
[color=red]I’m not really sure. I only know of one knitting magazine[/color]

What’s your favourite yarn to use?
[color=red]I don’t know yet… I’ve only expreimented with acrylic and polyester yarns.[/color]

What kind of needles do you like best [aluminum, bamboo, plastic, wood (what kind)]?
[color=red]I love aluminum. Havn’t tried the plastic… but I hate wood and bamboo needles. The aluminum needles are easy to glide the yarn off of. The wood ones just kept snagging my yarn.[/color]

What was your favourite project?
[color=red]I’d have to say a pillow where I used intarsia knitting. I gave it to my sister for an early birthday gift.[/color]

If you were only going to buy from one on-line source which one would you choose?
[color=red]I never bought online. If I were to choose, then Knit Picks. Very cheap and pretty yarn.[/color]

Amazing that no matter how many different people you talk to, there are so many things that are the same! :thumbsup:
Hey, over there in Winnipeg! I lived there for 8 years! Loved how pretty the city is, but, the wind eventually drove me mad (my hair used to be down to my hinney and always wound up in my face) and I had to move back home! Still sometimes miss all the conveniences and malls. I definitely don’t miss the winter winds! :lol:
Hello, Thunder Bay! I’ll be there for a doctor’s appointment next week! I have friends there and like going shopping there sometimes. My husband is an avionics engineer for Wasaya so flying is cheap for us. Any recommendations for a good LYS?

If the exchange rates and shipping aren’t too horrible, I might give knitpicks a try. It seems to be a universal favourite.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and best wishes for a Fabulous New Year full of projects that seem to knit themselves and yarn sales too good to pass up! :happydance:

I don’t subscribe to any magazines since I have a good library of knitting and craft patterns.

Favorite needles are Susan Bates Silvalum. Recently discovered that I prefer circulars instead of straight for flat work…stitches come out much more even…almost like machine knitting.

Favorite yarn is probably Red Heart sport weight…nice and soft.

Favorite project was a sweater for with green trees on a background of red and white. Made it for my granddaughter.

On the needles a sweater for my 10lb. yorkie.