Just curious-- any male knitters, here?

:guyknitting: I hear about this species, but have never spotted one in its natural habitat? Any nesting here at KH?

Not me, just a Dyke knitter here
but yes, we have a few
and I have met a few living near me here in Maine

LOL, U funny


We have several!:guyknitting:

Guys don’t knit. :wink:

I agree mason, it’s just unheard of. :lol:

okay ECB just made me laugh out loud at my desk… thanks ECB for breaking the LOL rule!


I finally met, in person, my first male knitter at a LYS near where I work. I was so excited! And he was a darn good knitter, too. Him and his wife have own thier store since the 60s!

:teehee: We have a lot of them here! There is one guy at my knit nights, too! :cheering:

I guess I should have been prepared for some cute answers:). And should have rephrased the question-- Anyone here who dates women?:slight_smile: Glad to see there’s a varied crew here-- keeps things interesting:). But it’s funny-- I’ve never met any adult males who knit, but some young boys, children of friends of mine who do-- without apology or self-consciousness! It’s great. Considering it was a male profession a few centuries ago, you all should be reclaiming your territory!:wink:.

Just to name a few

Mason (Knitting_Guy)

Those are all I can think of right now.

So what you want to know is whether or not the male knitters here are adults? Straight vs gay adults?

I’m physically an adult (we won’t get into mentally :rofl:), and yes I am straight.

I’m not at all self-conscious about knitting. I KIP on a daily basis, in truckstops and taverns all over the country. I’ve found it to be a great icebreaker and it’s been the start of many good conversations.

And Jeremy the moderator is a knitting guy. There are also Pauly and Maleknitter and BostonBecca’s fiance that joined the forum recently. And there’s Boyforpele. And i can’t remember any more right now :??

chalk up another knitter with a ‘y’ chromosome.

There is a guy knitter in my Tuesday night knitting group. And that poor man, surrounded by women, every Tuesday getting hounded. Why? He is a gynecologist:teehee: Poor thing!

I was going to mention the fiance but someone beat me to it.

He’s still knitting.

He is working on his second afghan. This one is for his sister. It’s still straight garter stitch for him, but his next project is mittens or a bib for my cousin’s baby.

Bill, another male ob/gyn from Texas posts regularly on the TKGA forum.

Here’s a list of male knitters who also blog.
Of which Franklin’s is a must-read.

My father taught me how to knit at a young age. He still knits voraciously. :woot:

A few…


there are others, too.

There should be a discovery channel show about the male knitter. You know where they take big jeeps and HD cameras and sit in blinds and film the never before seen so and so in it’s natural habitat hehe

raises hand