Just curious about curtains

Has anyone knit a curtain of any kind??? I was looking in the Mason Dixon knitting book and they has this pattern for a simple curtain and I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if there is anyone out there with access to some great patterns, for knitting, not sewing.

Our front and back doors have oval windows and I have this cheapy looking curtain from wal mart that I hate and thought maybe I could knit something.


I haven’t, but I like homey things like this (need to get Mason-Dixon Knitting). I have seen patterns, but I can’t remember if they were for knitting or crocheting - a lot of the pattern books have both.

My knitting instructor had crochet edging around her windows - not too fine of a yarn, but very pretty. I was thinking you could use just about any lacey pattern (like a lace scarf). I tried looking some up at knitting pattern central, but all I see are ‘tidies’ and this valence. Or if you need something non-lacey, you could just look at different stitch pattern textures, or even just do simple stockinette stripes.

oh wait , under miscellaneousat knittingpattern central, (no picture).

I have some windows that need curtains, but they’re big windows - I think it would be better for me to use fabric. Though a knitted border might look really neat…

You should try and knit some for your windows!


Thanks Carol,

Those are great!!! I can’t wait to try them. :smiley:

I admit I never thought of knitting a curtain but the one in the Mason Dixon book is sweet and looks easy enough to do. :XX:

I havent seen the Mason Dixon book so I’m not entirely sure what the curtain looks like. I ran across this valence via a newsletter - and thought you might find of interest. No pattern though - but it’s made from Mohair. I’d love to see it in person!

At first I didn’t like the idea, but the more I think about it and the yarns available from homey type twines to delicate laces…well, I’m enchanted now.


I just found this site. The patterns sold are ePatterns (PDF files), but they look to be really detailed. One of them is a set of instructions for converting round lace doily patterns into squares (tablecloths, curtains, etc.) You can preview quite a bit in each. I’ve got this place bookmarked and I signed up for the newsletter group. These are like mini-books.


I just saw/heard one of the authors of the Mason Dixon book at my lys a couple weeks ago. Very nice lady. I actually started a very wierd curtain about a year ago that I never finished… done up on big big needles and some cheap orange furry type stuff with yellow ribbon yarn if you can possible imagine that (no wonder I haven’t finished it)

I’m definitely going to make a light lacy curtain for a small bathroom window. The light coming through should be pretty. Would love to make big long curtains but I doubt I’ll ever get around to it with all the other stuff I’m making!

[color=blue]I was thinking of making one for the long window beside our front door… for decoration and privacy… I have a crochet heart shaped dream catcher up now but would like to knit a lacey curtain. Thanks for the links and ideas! :cheering:

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