Just Checking In

Just checking in with everyone here at KH. Am on a trip to CA that has been a total disaster and haven’t been online for a few days.

Now that I have to just sit around to wait for the military bases to open back up on Monday so I can make my deliveries (while losing a whole week’s pay in the process) I can at least get online a bit.

Still working on the sweater although I haven’t had a lot of knitting time lately. At least I can do that since I am just sitting around anyway.

Welcome back, dear friend. I am glad that you have some time to yourself for quiet reflection, healing, and rest before you must go back to work. It comes at a good time. Hope you are finding peace. Shalom.

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Good hearing from you, Mason. I ditto MoniDew’s comments. When we’ve been under stress such as you have been the past months, it is good to kick back and heal the mind and body. Sorry about the loss of pay though, that is never at the ‘right’ time. Enjoy your free time with knitting and reflecting. May you have peace, happiness and hey, some prosperity too in the New Year ahead.

I was actually thinking about you this morning Mason, hoping you were doing OK with all the weather going on all over the place. Glad you checked in.

Take care,

Merry Christmas Mason and better times wished for the New Year.

Merry Christmas Mason!!! Sorry for the lost week of pay, that really sucks, but I am happy you get some time to just relax with your knitting and try to heal. I’m sure your thoughts will turn to your mother with everything being fresh and it being Christmas. Just know that is normal. My father passed early in December 98 right before my finals in my first quarter at UCLA and I not only tried going back the next quarter but I finished all my incompletes as well. Plus I went back to work immediately (I had kids and desperately needed money). Well, with kids and school and work, needless to say I pushed away my grief constantly. I had a horrible time after my father’s passing and was hurting for a long time and couldn’t understand why. I found myself talking to a woman one day who was originally from China and she said “I don’t know why in western thought grief is something to be fought with. Its normal to be sad if a loved one dies or your marriage fails or someone you love is sick. Why would you not be sad? Grief is like a wave. You have to let it wash over you and then the wave recedes. If you fight it you drown.” It was so obvious, yet also something I just wasn’t getting before that moment. She didn’t even know I was grieving when we got into that conversation either.

My point is not to put so much pressure on yourself with work, etc and to allow this lull time to be your solitude. Allow yourself meditative time - even if all you do is cry.

We love you Mason :hug: :hug: :hug: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi Mason! So you’re in California!? I’m up here in Washington State…and we have had lousy weather the past week. Isn’t California also experiencing unusually rotten weather?

Well, sorry to hear you are shut down for a few days. “Time is money” in the trucking business. If you’re not rollin’, you’re not making money.

Hope things get rollin’ soon!

When you get back to the crib, be sure and get your WEBCAM up and running! I haven’t seen ya lately! :teehee:


Was thinking about you with all the news about snowy, icy roads and a crazy man shooting at people on the roadways. Glad you are safe but sorry about the money thing. That is bad. But the quiet knitting time is good. Wishing you a much better New Year. Be safe.

Hey there, Mason and I hope you have a Merry Christmas. :hug:

Hi Mason,

Good to hear from you but sorry about the loss of pay. Certainly not what you need. Try to rest up for a few days and safe driving when you get back on the road. Wishing you better things for 2009.

Hello, Mason. Sorry you have to lose that pay. A lot of people aren’t getting their usual bonuses this year. I don’t know if that will make you feel better, but just know, it’s all around. I love the new pic of you. I must have missed the initial comments about it. You look great without your beard. What made you shave it? I hope when you think of your mom, you think of her in heaven, celebrating with the angels and everyone. Keep in touch with us, o.k.?

I shaved off the beard for Mom’s funeral (she always hated my beard).

Mom’s always love seeing their baby’s face! It isn’t so much that we hate beards…as much as that we love that darling face! Especially our son’s faces! It’s a mom thing! You might be 40-50-60 years of age…and we still want to see your face! Very nice of you to think of her and shave for her funeral!

My older son has a beard, just a small chin beard, not full face, and I don’t mind it. He doesn’t look [B]that[/B] much like his dad…


I am sorry to hear about your loss of pay for a week, but it is good to hear from you anyway. I hope you get lots of knitting done with your downtime and get some time to take care of yourself with lots of rest and relaxation.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas…


I am so sorry you are stuck in a strange place for Christmas. I hope you can find somewhere nice to have your Christmas meal (and perhaps an adult beverage) tomorrow. Take is easy my friend and be safe once you get back on the road. Here’s a huge hug from Canada, just for you. ((((((((Mason)))))))))

Well, that sucks about the loss of a weeks wages… but at least you’re gaining some knitting time. What part of California are you stuck in? Hopefully one that is warm and sunny. Here in the far north we are having storm after storm but at least it’s pretty much just rain.

I hope you find a nice local establishment to accidentaly walk in to and find some folks to share an adult beverage, good stories and of course some knitting time with.

Peace and love during this Holiday season…:muah:

No sunny southern California right now unfortunately. Snow is expected down to about 4500 - 5000 feet over Christmas and its been unusually cold. The other day - after the last storm - we had snow all the way down the hills in Porter Ranch. If anyone knows about Southern California’s San Fernando Valley they can attest to how weird that is. It looked like I was looking a Sierra picture when I woke up. Porter Ranch is only about 2000 feet - if that.

:hug: Thanks for dropping a line Mason. I was just thinking of you. Merry Christmas from Canada!