Just Checking In to Say Hello

It’s been a very rough week for me between tight schedule, difficult delivery locations, insane traffic, and snowy weather, so I haven’t been online much. Just wanted to say hello to all the KHers.

I’ve not had a lot of knitting time this week, a little here and there, but am almost finished with another hat. Guess I’ve been on a hat kick lately. They’re just a lot of fun to make and still allow for a small amount of creativity. And this time of year they’re quite practical too. :mrgreen:

Hopefully I’ll have time to finish it tomorrow or some time this weekend. I’m on the top decreases so not too much more to go. It’s nothing special, just one made from some camouflage yarn, but it’s looking kinda cool anyway.

Anyway, I’m still alive and kicking and haven’t run off the side of some mountain. :rofl:

Good to hear that you’re doing well. I love your hats… You really need to post all those patterns!

Your ability to do that free handed is awesome!

Keep in touch

So glad you checked in, Mason. Been wondering where you have been.

I love the second colorwork hat you made – it’s lovely.




Thanks for checking in. Been wondering where you had gone…

Glad to hear from you, Mason! I was wondering if all was well!:hug:

A little while back you posted a hat you made and I wrote saying how much I liked it and included a pattern for a guy hat on Knitty.com
I don’t know if you ever saw it because there were a lot of responses to your hat.
Any way here it is again…I’m making it for my son in a dark cocoa main color and a caramel color for the rolled brim…he likes brown.



Good to hear from you. Hope things get a little easier soon.

Nice to see you check in, I have been wondering if you were doing well with this crazy weather we are having. Drive safely and enjoy the scenery, lol. I`m sure this hat, like all your others, will be fantastic (they usually are). Take care Mason.

I was about to post a “Where is Mason” thread. Glad to hear from you, Mason :hug:

:waving: Good to hear from you, Mason! Be careful on the roads and don’t forget to share FO’s :thumbsup:

Same here Mason glad to see everything is fine. :thumbsup:

:waving: Hiya Mason.

Oh and about that driving off the mountain.


That would s*ck!

Nice to hear that you are ok Mason. Love the hats :slight_smile:

:waving: Glad to hear from ya!!

Glad all is well. I look forward to seeing your latest hat. :slight_smile:

:waving: :guyknitting: Hey, Mason! Glad you’re not hangin offa mountain somewhere! Mary

you better watch out, if you don’t keep in touch someone might dart you and put a tracking device around your neck :slight_smile:

Hey Mason!! Keep the shiny side up!! Glad to hear from you - take care!!

Hey Mason - Good to hear you are OK. Been wondering about you. Can’t wait to see your next hat!!:thumbsup: