Just cast on my first pair of socks!

I’m so excited! I just cast on my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock tutorial!!!
The dpn’s are pretty awkward but I’m hoping they will get easier as I work with them. I decided to do these first rather than try the circs. That will be my next attempt!
The tutorial plus the videos on this site have made this doable… Yay!! thanks so much!!

Good for you. I think Silver is responsible for a lot of sock addicts. Just wait until you get to slide them onto your feet.

At this point, I don’t even care if they fit!!! This has been a goal of mine for years and I finally decided while I have this time off to do it! I can see that this could get addicting!:happydance:

I have cut myself off from socks for a bit. I knit 19 pair in the last year and almost all of them for me. Hubby won’t wear them and I have no other family close. Even friends are not hand knit fans.
I hope you find making them as much fun as I do.

I told my boyfriend once that I wanted to learn how to knit socks and that I wanted to make him a pair. He said he wouldn’t want to wear them because he knew how much work went into them and didn’t want to ruin them… I told him that like a sweater, they are made to be worn but he felt they were too “good” to wear. Was he kidding??? I don’t know… Very strange.

Congrats!:woohoo: We have a new addict!
Seriously, I use patterns for socks, but for basic, run of the mill socks I ALWAYS go back to the MOST FABULOUS SILVER!:woot: Her sock tutorial was the first sock I ever made, and I highly recommend her. After you get the hang of the heel, gusset, etc, you are hooked!
Welcome to sock addicts!:yay:

Congrats!!! Silver’s tutorials are terrific as are the videos here on KH!!! I just finished my first sock (hoping not to have SSS) - but I used magic loop. I’m way too clumsy for DPNs.

The great thing about socks is : they’re so portable and they are like instant gratification projects! Socks have so many steps: cuff, leg, heel flap, turning the heel, gusset, foot, toe (or backwards if you knit toe up). IT’s awesome because when you get past each step you instantly feel you’ve accomplished something! It’s exciting and they are custom fit! (Great thing about magic loop method - I kept trying on my sock while on the needles until it was the right size.) Which is super important to me because I have NO arches (flat-footed) and as my hubby says, I have elfin feet. So custom made socks is a good idea! Plus - sock yarn is just so yummy that you’re almost compelled to CO.

I can’t wait to finish my first pair and move onto a patterned sock!! :slight_smile: Post pics of your socks!!! What yarn are you using?

Add me to the sock virgin too! I am about to cast on my first sock too! I think I will go through Silver’s tutorial as well as she gets such great reviews.

I recommend it! She’s very clear and really, do be patient with yourself. It’s a little awkward but you’ll get the hang of it. Yay!!!:woohoo:

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=3]Good for you. I’m so afraid of trying socks.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I was looking at sock yarn this weekend but ended up not getting any as I’m so worried I will mess up. Where would I find this Silvers tutorial?

Congrats! I have a pair OTN as well but the next time I do them, I’m going to find a patt that uses DK or aran yarn. I feel like I’m knitting with dental floss and toothpicks.

I have found that if I put the DPN that I’m knitting off of on top of the others, it is a little easier.


He said he wouldn’t want to wear them because he knew how much work went into them and didn’t want to ruin them… I told him that like a sweater, they are made to be worn but he felt they were too “good” to wear. Was he kidding??? I don’t know… Very strange.

Yes, he probably was. I have to fight my mom to get her to wear the stuff I make her. :teehee: “Mom, it’s made to be worn! I would rather it fall apart after being lovingly worn to death then sitting on the shelf feeding moths. ;)” LOL

Yay! I have new sock yarn (Knit Picks Imagination- Seven Dwarves colorway), dpns, and Silver’s Sock Class printed out (that was a hefty bit- but I don’t have access to a computer where I like to knit!) and I have balled one of the hanks so far.

I am about to be right along with you! (when I get some spare time and peace and quiet!)

Go here. It is great. http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/

Thanks for posting this link! I have been amazed at how simply she has written this out. I am getting the hang of the dpn’s and it’s getting easier to use them. I’m loving this!

I will remember this! I’ll make him a pair and put this in the package! :roflhard:

Sock are like knitting anything new, you take it one stitch at a time and trust the directions. Look at the videos here and on Silver and you can see that there is nothing hard only new.

Try a baby sock to find out how easy it is.

Knitting socks can be addictive, I just finished my 4th pair, which were the only pair I didn’t need help with. (I was known as the “heel and gusset problem child” at my local knitting store.) Hopefully with the great support you have here and the video, you will avoid that. A knitting friend of mine suggested that if I really wanted to understand socks and be able to do my own patterns, that I get the book Knitting Rules, by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. She was right, it was exactly what I needed. I’m not allowing myself to knit anymore socks until I’ve finished my Christmas projects.

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