Just Another Cardi

Finished up a hibernating cardi. Improvised design. Rav Link

[I]Just [/I]another cardi. Just another [I]beautifully done [/I]cardi. Improvisation is your forte. Love the pattern and the color. :muah: Top down or bottom up?

this one was bottom-up = good question!

What is the stitch pattern you used? It’s really pretty. I think I’m hoping some of your improvising mojo will rub off on me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Or [I]not[/I] just another cardi! It’s really lovely, soft and elegant. I love the stitch pattern and color.

It is lovely!

in my stitchionary it’s listed as “vine” stitch.

and, thank you!


It’s gorgeous!

A lovely, lacy cardi. The color will go with a lot of things. A great design you came up with.

Wonderful work! I like everything about it! Pattern stitch, overall design, and color!

Do you ever use the Sweater Wizard?

Very pretty, Monica!! :heart:

it turned out very nice!

never heard of it! perhaps I should… sometimes I get funny shapes, like the sleeves too wide or the body too narrow…