Just a THANK YOU to all you helpful kind people!

I love how all you guys are so helpful and prompt. Thank you for your time and for being so nice. You have REALLY brought me so much farther in my knitting by answering my dumb questions. ha ha. I just wanted to thank you all.
Leah send out love. :hug: :muah: :heart:
If I didn’t have you guys I would sure be up the creek without a paddle. ha ha. :grphug: :knitting:
Thanks you guys !
Angel Leah

I love your middle name, or is it your first? That is my middle name.:yay:

Thank you ! My first name is Angel and my middle name is Leah. It gets kinda confusing because my last name is Mallory and everyone I’m around says that is usually a first name. I go by my middle name but my first name is on my credit card and bank card, etc etc. because they won’t use my middle name. Yeah, it confuses some people. lol. ha ha.